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U-Pack Contributes to JH U-Turn Sale For Charity

June 8th, 2011 - 3:37 PM

U-Pack Contributes to JH U-Turn Sale For Charity

Students at Johns Hopkins University take advantage of a win-win situation by donating unwanted items for charity fundraising efforts during the JH U-Turn drive, an annual dorm room move-out sale benefitting local United Way organizations.

Fort Smith, Arkansas— Student giving is a common theme across many college campuses. What's not so common about the charitable donations by Johns Hopkins University students is the fact that they're turning trash into treasure for an outstanding cause. That's why ABF U-Pack Moving jumped at the opportunity to assist with the university's JH U-Turn event for the second year in a row, benefitting the Johns Hopkins Neighborhood Fund and United Way of Central Maryland.

JH U-Turn is a yearly event designed to reduce the waste generated from the mass exodus of students leaving the dorms at year's end. Students who don't want to haul unwanted items home for the summer can make a charitable donation of anything from clothing and books to furniture and household gadgets to the JH U-Turn cause. Donated items will then be sold at the event's big sale for charity, conducted at the end of each academic year. The 2011 sale will be held at the Ralph S. O'Connor Recreation Center on June 11th.

Such a large student body can produce a staggering amount of items to be re-sold, making it difficult to store the objects until the day of the sale. That's where ABF U-Pack Moving comes in— the nationwide moving service has donated several portable storage containers to keep the items safe during the collection period. U-Pack ReloCubes are placed in several areas around the Johns Hopkins campus, allowing students and faculty to drop off donations at their convenience. U-Pack will then deliver the containers to the recreation center, where goods will be sorted and priced for resale.

For U-Pack, it's an honor to take part in the university's student giving efforts. "The concept of a big campus-wide garage sale is a great way to raise funds for charity, and we're excited to participate for the second year running," says U-Pack manager Kay Lynn Clay. "The recycling of gently used goods matches up with ABF U-Pack's own vision of sustainability, so it's a wonderful opportunity to be able to lend a hand."

For more information on the JH U-Turn bargain sale and how it raises money for charity, contact Carrie Bennett at liaison@jhu.edu.
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