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U-Pack Announces 2010 Safe Moving Report

May 23rd, 2011 - 9:42 AM

U-Pack Announces 2010 Safe Moving Report

Each year, U-Pack Moving evaluates the total number of moves completed through their services to determine quality standards. U-Pack is releasing the 2010 claim ratio portion of their findings to remind consumers that options for moving safe are always available.  

Fort Smith, Arkansas— With 7 million people relocating to another state each year, it's no wonder that damage is a big concern for families making a long distance move. Whether it's a self-move or full service option, moving can often hold the potential for dents and scratches to the items being moved. By releasing their loss and damage claim results for the previous year, U-Pack Moving has set out to inform consumers of the options to avoid a possible moving disaster while making a safe move instead.

In 2010, U-Pack Moving attained a loss and damage claim ratio of .89%, meaning over 99% of U-Pack's completed moves were handled claim-free. A claim-free move indicates no items were damaged during transportation. U-Pack is especially honored to be one of the only moving companies to offer customers a history of safe moving practices at affordable rates.

An abundance of moving scams and fly-by-night operators tend to tarnish the moving industry reputation, and damage reports are often high on the complaint list.  However, U-Pack leadership is committed to educating consumers on the signs and signals of movers who may not offer the best means to a safe move. "A reputable moving company should treat each household goods shipment like it was their own," explains U-Pack Manager Kay Lynn Clay. "It's our hope that by maintaining a virtually damage-free service, customers can take comfort in knowing they'll be moving safe with U-Pack." U-Pack Moving has sustained one of the lowest claim ratios in the industry since its inception in 1997. 

To ensure a safe moving experience, Clay recommends doing a little research. "Check online reviews for the moving company in question to see how past customers felt about the service they received," Clay suggests. "The Better Business Bureau is also a great resource for confirming the movers' reputation." The Department of Transportation is yet another source for retrieving information on a company's safe moving record.

U-Pack Moving offers a range of long distance and cross country moving services at rates comparable to truck rental. For more information, visit www.upack.com.