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Top Cities for Fantasy Football

November 2nd, 2011 - 3:16 PM
Is it as interesting to you as it is to me that there are states where as many as one in every 29 people play fantasy football?  And some of them are absolute Fantasy Football fanatics.  In fact, there's actually a "Fantasy Football Fanatics" LinkedIn group.  For real folks.  According to a 2010 Sports Illustrated article, it's estimated that close to 20 million people play.

If you're not familiar with it, basically Fantasy Football gives regular people the opportunity to be General Managers and Coaches of their own virtual NFL team.  Let's face it, a dream-come-true for lots of people.  So you get to call the shots.  And if your team fails that week, there's no yelling at the TV…it's all on you. 

Normally you'll get a group of 10-12 friends or co-workers together to create a league.  Then you select a website to manage the league (most major sport sites have them).  Next comes the draft, where you pick your players (either on your own, or if you don't know enough about the NFL, you can usually do auto-draft).  During the season your players get points earned or deducted based on what they do in real-life games that week.  For example, if they get yards or touchdowns, you get points.  If they throw an interception or fumble, you lose points.   At the end of the week, your points are tallied and compared to the fantasy team you're playing that week to decide the winner. 

So, let's go back to my initial point— people love Fantasy Football, and according to this Fantasy Football infographic, just released in the U-Pack Press Room, there's a high correlation between cities with popular football teams and the number of residents who participate in Fantasy Football.   Check it out.  Is your city (or team) on the list?  Are you a Fantasy Football Fanatic?  Tell us about it