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Tips That Make Moving Easier

January 26th, 2013 - 7:45 PM

Making a move soon? You’re already on the right track by searching for moving tips. The more time you put into preparing for your move, the easier it will be!

If you’re familiar with U-Pack, you may know that we do lots and lots of household moves. In fact, we’ve moved more than 500,000 households over 600,000 Million miles. With that many moves, I’m sure you can imagine that we’ve encountered almost every unusual moving situation you can think of (and some you’ve never dream of). That just means we’re able to compile a lot of moving tips to make moving easier for you. Here are some of the most helpful!   

Drum roll please...

Tips to make moving easier:

  • Make a moving folder. While this sounds simple, it’s a huge help! This is a folder or binder designated just for documents pertaining to your move. If you haven’t noticed already, you’ll soon discover that moving comes with lots of paperwork... moving quotes, receipts, etc. Save yourself the trouble and keep it all together.
  • Use boxes that were made for moving. Some people will tell you not to pay for packing supplies; they’ll recommend scrounging for boxes at the grocery store. I think that’s a bad idea, and here’s why: Grocery store boxes weren’t made for moving and they certainly weren’t made for protecting your household goods. Not to mention that old, used boxes (especially those shipped with or around produce) can be infested with bugs or other nasties.  Getting your belongings delivered safe (and clean) is important. Bottom line: use moving boxes that were made for moving, and make sure you’re familiar with packing best practices
  • Start packing early. The fact that you’re about to pack up every single thing you own can get a little overwhelming. If you start early and pack the things you don’t use regularly, you’ll have more time to make sure items are packed properly and boxes are labeled correctly. It also gives you time to plan out your new home as you pack. If items from several different rooms will be consolidated into one room at your new place, pack them all together to make unpacking easier.
  • Choose a good moving company. This can make your move simple, or it can be the root of your problems. Check moving companies on consumer review sites like movingscam.com or epinions.com and ask your friends and family who they used (and liked/disliked). It’s wise to choose a moving service not just for the best price, but also for the services they offer and what customers have to say about them.

Of course, maybe I’m a little partial, but I think the best way to make moving easier (and more affordable) is simple: Go U-Pack! We’ll bring a moving trailer or moving container to your home. You load it, and we’ll drive it to your new home. So simple. For more information, or to get a free moving quote, call 800-413-4799. If you have more questions about how to make moving easy, leave a comment below, I’ll be happy to help!

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