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Thanksgiving Decor Ideas: Pumpkins, Printables, and More!

November 6th, 2012 - 2:59 PM

 Thanksgiving Decor Ideas: Pumpkins, Printables and More!

Whether it is your first Thanksgiving in your new home or you just want to be festive this holiday season – don’t forget that there is more to Thanksgiving than the food! Some simple Thanksgiving decor can really add to the holiday charm. Here are some ideas using common items such as pumpkins, acorns, and candles that are sure to make your home look cheerful for Turkey Day.

Pumpkin Decor for Thanksgiving. Let’s be honest, nothing says Fall like a pumpkin. There are so many things to do with these gourds than just carve them!  

  • One of my favorite decorative treatments is to take pumpkins of different shapes and sizes and spray paint them all one color. The monochromatic look is so chic! Some favorites are white and gold, or check out the fancy “mercury glass” spray paint for a unique look. A grouping of these pumpkins will look great on a mantle, table, or even on the kitchen counter as your guests enjoy the turkey.
  • One way to add variation to the height of your decor is to take those tiny pumpkins and display them on a pedestal candle holder.
  • Or you can stack little pumpkins into a tall glass vase. These would make beautiful arrangements for your Thanksgiving food table. The height of the tall vases adds interest to the tablescape. The popular wedding site, theknot.com has some beautiful pumpkin arrangements for inspiration – the photo below is just one example. 

My Real Wedding from The Knot.

  • You can use large pumpkins to hold flowers. Simply cut off the top of the pumpkin, “gut” it by taking out all that pumpkin goop, and place a container inside. Then you can fill the container with flowers. Now you’ve got an instant one-of-a-kind vase! 
  • Another idea is to use the pumpkin to serve food. Hollow out your pumpkin and place the bowl inside. You could serve punch or soup easily from inside the pumpkin. The designers at Design Lines shared a great pumpkin punch bowl that is very elegant. (Photo from Kristen Taylor Photography Blog)


Cheap Thanksgiving Decor. When Thanksgiving rolls around, you’ll be spending plenty of money on the food, so here are some ways to save on your Thanksgiving decorations.

  • Take glass jars, bowls, and other containers and fill them with inexpensive items. Some great ideas that will pack a great visual punch are things like dried corn kernels, cranberries, candy corn, pine cones and acorns and top it off with a candle. You can even gather acorns and pine cones outside for free! (Photo from Simple Moments Blog).


  • Another inexpensive trick is to make the food your decor. Even if you’re serving simple side dishes, when you use pretty platters and vary the heights, you can use the food as your display. A great idea is to take plant stands (since they usually have spots at different heights) and display your food on the plant stand. Just check out this awesome display from Country Living!


Thanksgiving Printables for Easy Decor. A simple way to decorate for Thanksgiving is to use printables. They are fun graphics that you can print at home and place in frames you already have. Amanda at Kind Over Matter has compiled a ton of free Thanksgiving printables for you to use. Just go to her blog to print them off. 


Take these ideas and add your own creative spin! Be sure and share photos with us at moving@upack.com and we will post them on U-Pack’s Facebook page!