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Simple patriotic foods, crafts, and other ideas. to help you celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama in 2013!

January 17th, 2013 - 3:25 PM

On January 21, 2013, Barack Obama will participate in the 57th inauguration. There are a limited number of tickets for the actual event, so most of us will be watching from home. But if you’re so inclined, you can still celebrate the inauguration. Here are some patriotic crafts, food, and other ideas to help you throw an awesome inauguration celebration!

Inauguration Food: Patriotic Snacks

Food is the focal point of every party, right? You can enjoy snacks from the presidential hometown of Chicago, like Chicago hot dogs or deep dish pizza. Or you can go patriotic with your food and eat all things red, white, and blue.

One simple idea is to decorate cereal treats like the flag with some icing and sprinkles. Check out these easy directions from SnackPicks.com


American Flag Cereal Treat


For the drinks, you can celebrate by serving this awesome red, white, and blue punch. By layering the drinks, you can create a show-stopping drink for your guests! Just follow the directions from Our Best Bites.


Red, white, and blue patriotic punch

You can also celebrate presidents past by setting out their favorite snacks. Ronald Reagan was known for having a jar of jelly beans on his desk. Hazelnuts were the snack of choice for George Washington, who reportedly bought the snacks by the barrel. Thomas Jefferson enjoyed vanilla ice cream, a delicacy he brought back to America after a trip to France. And to honor George H.W. Bush, you can serve pork rinds!

Or if you like sushi, you could always ask your sushi chef to prepare some Obama sushi for you! Ha! Look at these awesome edible pieces of art featured on InventorSpot.com!


Obama sushi

Inauguration Day Crafts and Activities

Inauguration day gives you many opportunities to teach your kids (or your party guests) all about past presidents. One fun activity would be to color these presidential coloring sheets. You could keep them unlabeled, and have guests color them and then try to guess which president they have.

Another simple cut and paste craft is to make this Obama “Cubeecraft” All you have to do is download the template and cut and fold it. Super easy! You can download the template here

More than anything, just take a few moments together with family and friends to celebrate the inauguration. It only comes around once every four years, and it is a truly historic time for America. Do you have any more ideas for celebrating the inauguration of Barack Obama? We would love to hear your ideas! Just leave a comment below!