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Safely Using a Ladder

December 6th, 2012 - 2:01 PM

Safely Using a Ladder

There are 164,000 emergency room visits each year due to ladder-related injuries, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. When moving (or decorating for Christmas this time of year), it is inevitable that you will need to use a ladder. Maybe you are painting your new home, taking down artwork to pack it up, or installing light fixtures…but what you do on the ladder isn’t nearly as important as safely using the ladder.

We have previously posted an article about how to use a ladder safely, but here are some more pointers to make sure you are safe up on that ladder.

  • Check the maximum load rating of your ladder. Don’t exceed the weight limit by bringing heavy equipment up with you.
  • Never use a ladder alone, always have someone to help you hold the ladder. But remember to only have one person on the ladder at any time.
  • Don’t put the ladder in front of an unlocked doorway. You don’t want the door to open and knock you off the ladder.
  • Don’t lean far while working on the ladder. Move the ladder to reposition yourself instead of leaning.
  • Make sure all locks are engaged on the ladder.
  • Remember that metal ladders are conductive, so only use wooden or fiberglass ladders in the vicinity of power lines or electrical equipment.

Follow these tips to make sure you are safely using a ladder. I had a chemistry teacher who once said “Safety never takes a vacation,” so always keep safety in mind when using a ladder.