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New Review Sites Contribute to Improvement of U-Pack Moving Services

December 1st, 2010 - 10:48 AM

Consumer Review Sites Contribute to Enhancement of U-Pack Moving Services

U-Pack Moving has formed a new partnership with Kudzu, one of the premier online review sites for consumer voice. U-Pack embraces the era of online social interaction by utilizing consumer reviews to connect with customers and gain valuable feedback.

Fort Smith, Arkansas— Consumers often rely on the overall opinion of fellow shoppers. According to a recent Nielsen study, over 70% of those surveyed noted their trust in consumer reviews. That's why U-Pack Moving recently expanded its list of legitimate review sites to watch to include Kudzu, which encourages customers to provide honest feedback of their U-Pack moving experience.

Listening to customer voice is a way for businesses to gather valuable information that may have been missed otherwise. U-Pack Moving actively participates in a range of online review sites and forums designed for consumer reviews. By connecting to online listening techniques, U-Pack gains insight on the aspects of moving that customers enjoy, along with those they would like to see improved or expanded.

Although the relationship with U-Pack and Kudzu is a new venture, U-Pack is certainly no stranger to the concept of monitoring moving company reviews. "U-Pack regularly encourages customers to give an honest opinion about their moving experience through a variety of review sites," says U-Pack Manager Kay Lynn Clay. "We're especially excited to see the ideas that will arise from the feedback generated by U-Pack's new profile on Kudzu."

Besides Kudzu, U-Pack utilizes consumer reviews on other websites such as Moving Scam, Epinions, and the online version of the Better Business Bureau, as well as the U-Pack Moving Facebook and Twitter news feeds. Consumers use review sites like these to comment on their experience with various businesses and to express their overall evaluation of a specific company. U-Pack pays attention to moving company reviews as they provide helpful feedback for enhancing customer service and can even introduce fresh product and service ideas. 

U-Pack Moving is a moving company that specializes in long-distance moving and storage. An affordable self-move alternative, U-Pack provides the convenience of full-service moving combined with the cost savings of a rental truck. For more information, visit www.upack.com.

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