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My U-Pack Moving Experience

By Guest
July 7th, 2010 - 3:34 PM

Guest blogger and U-Pack customer Johnny Cole talks about his two experiences moving cross country with ABF U-Pack:

Over the past year, I have moved my daughter three times using U-Pack--from Fort Smith, Arkansas to and from the Chicago, Illinois area and from Fort Smith to the Lafayette, Indiana area. It was a good choice every time.

The number one reason we chose U-Pack was price. I looked online and found out quickly that we couldn't do a one way rental truck and buy fuel for the price of letting U-Pack haul it.

We were on a tight moving budget, so I picked the terminal to terminal ReloCube option and saved a few bucks. That was great on the Fort Smith side, because it's my home town and the terminal was easy to get to. But, on the other side, the terminal was 45 minutes to an hour away, so each round trip took two to three hours. The first time it took us 12 trips back and forth in a small minivan. The next time we figured it out and rented a local truck for the day so we could do it all in one big trip. That ended us saving us a lot of time and gas since we didn't have to go back and forth. Time is money!

How did we load the Cube?
After the first move, we became expert ReloCube loaders! Here's how we did it:
We started with the big stuff first. The bed (box springs and mattresses) went on end standing upright with the headboard and footboard between the box springs and mattress. Then, we tied it to the walls. Next we loaded the dresser, and we learned to tightly pack the drawers with blankets, sheets and clothes. Using every space you can is a great moving tip.

Next we loaded the washing machine, dryer, TV stand and tables--and all the other big stuff. We wrapped blankets and heavy sheets around everything to keep it from getting scratched and we tied them to the wall.

In the end, we loaded the boxes. We put the big, heavy boxes (with things like books) on the floor and the light boxes on the very top. Then at the end we had some odd stuff that wouldn't fit in boxes--we wrapped them in blankets and filled every unused space with it. If things move around they either break or scratch other things up.

Once it was loaded, we locked it up and it was ready to roll.

Even though we didn't intend on storing her stuff on her move back from Chicago to Fort Smith, we ended up needing to--we were in a pinch for time, then the weather turned bad and it rained every time I had a day off. We checked around and couldn't find a place to store her stuff for the price U-Pack charged. So, we ended up storing it for a little more than two months before we could find the right time to unload it. It was so convenient to be able to take our time and unload it when it worked out for us.

So, would I use U-Pack again? You bet. In a heart beat. But, can I wait a couple of months…please?