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Moving to Mexico

By Josh J
April 18th, 2008 - 4:05 PM

Important Note: Effective April 28, 2015, U-Pack has discontinued service into and out of Mexico.

Andale!!! Thinking about retirement? Has the cost of living gotten too high? Want to trade the rat race for an afternoon siesta? You may want to consider one of U-Pack's newest services: Moving to Mexico!

In the past few years, U-Pack has seen a growing demand for moving to Mexico and moving from Mexico. U-Pack is currently the only "You Pack, We Drive" option for moving to Mexico. We have been moving customers in and out of 17 of the 31 Mexican States since January 2007.

Need to know how much moving to Mexico costs? Get a free moving quote.

U-Pack representatives can provide a moving quote either into or out of our Mexico service area (see map below). To make the border crossing process run smoothly, we provide contact information for border brokers that have been used successfully by other customers (although you are free to hire a broker of your preference). The most important part of choosing a customs broker is feeling comfortable with them and confident that they will assist you with providing complete and correct paperwork during your international move.