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Moving to Chicago

December 16th, 2016 - 12:20 PM

Want to call the Windy City home?

Moving to Chicago? Once you get there, you’ll find plenty of fun things to do, but getting there can raise some concerns. Historical districts, well-maintained train tracks and cobblestone streets can make access a bit tough for large trucks. But not to worry — we’ve done our research and have the answers to your Chicago moving questions. 

moving to chicago

What should I know before planning a move?

Part of Chicago’s intrigue is the maze of historical streets that carry so much of the city’s stories and culture. However, those same streets are often marked as inaccessible for moving trucks or for equipment any heavier than an average personal vehicle. This, along with strict parking regulations in many of the metro areas, can make moving to Chicago a tad tricky. Before planning a move, you should know which area of the city you’re going to live in. Otherwise, you may find out too late that the service you chose isn’t a viable solution.

What are my options?

As with any long-distance move, your service options are: truck rental, full-service and a hybrid service like U-Pack®. Let’s see how these equipment types work in the Windy City:

  • Truck rental. Rental trucks come in many sizes, but they all have one thing in common — you have to drive! Navigating a large truck down the streets of Chicago may be difficult (especially if you’re unfamiliar with them). If you’re sure you want to go this route, check that the roads leading up to your destination are set up for vehicles of this size.  
  • Full-service. If you’re moving into Chicago or any of its suburbs, check to see if your neighborhood can accommodate a full-service company’s 56’ semi-truck. Even if your specific street is wide enough for a moving option that large, the chances are pretty good that the roads providing access to your street are not semi-truck friendly. If you’re set on using full-service, make sure the company is aware of your destination so you can discuss options.  
  • Hybrid. U-Pack has a half-semi (sometimes called a “pup trailer”) that is smaller and much more manageable in Chicago’s metro area. Since the delivery drivers are local to Chicago, they’re adept at getting the U-Pack trailers up and down the city streets. U-Pack also has smaller containers called ReloCubes that can fit into a single parking spot. 

Questions about moving to Chicago with U-Pack

U-Pack has done so many moves to and from Chicago that we have information on nearly every zip code in the area. Call 800-413-4799 and talk to your moving consultant about your part of the city. They can help you with loading time, parking permits, accessibility, and anything else that might come up. 

How does the moving trailer work?

The trailer is the most popular option when moving into and out of Chicago. Because your quote will include fuel, taxes, and driver fees, a U-Pack trailer move is typically more cost efficient than driving a rental truck to a new city. Most areas of the city will not allow overnight parking, so the Chicago drivers will typically do a “live load.” With this option, the driver will stay with the truck while you load, and as soon as you’re done he’ll head out. That way you don’t have to worry about parking for more than a couple hours! 

If you have overnight parking in Chicago, we’re more than happy to leave the U-Pack trailer for several days. Overnight parking is a bit tough to come by in the city (and even in some of the ‘burbs!), so a live load is usually the way to go. Talk to your U-Pack representative about getting a guaranteed time window so you’ll know exactly when to expect your driver. That way, you can have all your items ready to be loaded or unloaded quickly, and long-term parking won’t matter!  

What about the ReloCube?

The ReloCube is perfect for Chicago moves that have overnight parking. However, many areas of Chicago provide only limited parking, or metered parking with time restrictions. If you’re not sure about overnight parking in your area, let us check your zip code and see what we can work out. The live load option can often work for the ReloCube, as well. If not, we can find the closest terminal and get you a reduced price for terminal loading or unloading.

What about areas that won’t allow the moving equipment?

It’s true — there are some areas of Chicago that just won’t allow moving equipment. Chicago and its surrounding areas have had this rule for a long time now, so U-Pack has developed a few solutions. We can refer you to local loading companies to help you get your things from a local terminal, or you can arrange to pick up your belongings yourself. We have three different service centers in the Chicago area:

  • 1900 Lincoln Highway, Sauk Village, IL 60411
  • 5300 W 47th, Chicago, IL 60638
  • 400 East Touhy Ave, Des Plaines, IL 60018

Your belongings will be delivered to one of these locations depending on your final address.

Do I have to figure all this out myself?

Absolutely not!  With three service centers in the metro area and a history of Chicago moving service, we’ll help you make all the details fall into place. Get a quote online or call a U-Pack representative to go over your options and what you’d like to get done for your move.  Just let us know what you need!