Moving from Chicago, IL, to Indianapolis, IN

Is Indy less windy? 

Chicago, IL, might be known as “The Windy City,” but the origin of its nickname had more to do with local politicians in the 1890s than with the weather. However, you can expect Indianapolis to be less windy than Chicago due to its inland location. 

Yearly average temperatures and rainfall levels are similar between the two cities, but you will notice less snowfall in Indy, which gets around 22 inches annually compared to 35 in Chicago.  

Keep reading to learn what else to expect after moving 183 miles to Indiana’s capital city. 

Cheer on some new sports teams 

Of course, you can carry your love of Chicago sports with you to Indy, but take some time to cheer on some new hometown teams while you’re at it.  

Indianapolis is home to the Indiana Pacers (NBA) and the Indianapolis Colts (NFL). The city also hosts multiple college sporting events as the headquarters for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). 

Prefer fast cars? Don’t miss the Indianapolis 500 in the “Racing Capital of the World.” 

Indy is an up-and-coming food city 

In 2022, Food & Wine magazine named Indianapolis to its list of 11 next great food cities. Check out one of the city’s many breweries, restaurants and taverns for some delicious cuisine. 

Some of the most iconic Indy foods include butterscotch pie, chicken and waffles, the Dutch baby (also called a German pancake), shrimp cocktail and pork tenderloin sandwiches.  

Embrace life in a smaller city 

Despite Indianapolis being the most populous city in Indiana, it’s still much smaller than Chicago, which holds the title of the largest city in Illinois. The city population in Indy is around 888,000 compared to over 2.7 million in Chicago. 

An advantage to the smaller city is the lower cost of living than Chicago, especially housing prices. The job market is strong in Indianapolis, with unemployment rates below the national average. Top industries include health care, sports and tourism. 

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