Moving from Chicago, IL to Tampa, FL

Moving from Chicago to Tampa 

As you head south to Tampa, you may be wondering what life is like in the Sunshine state. In Chicago, you’re familiar with frigid winters, expensive living, and crowds. So what can you expect in Florida? Beautiful weather, sparkling beaches and fresh seafood are just a few perks. Keep reading to find out what you’ll gain when moving from Chicago to Tampa. 

Trading this for that 

There’s a lot to love about The Windy City. But there’s more to love about The Big Guava! With a move from Chicago to Tampa, here are some of the things you’ll be trading: 

Crowded Streets for More Space 

Say goodbye to crowded streets and congested highways. Tampa is a mid-sized city with a population of about 377,000 people compared to Chicago’s 2.7 million residents. You’ll still get all the amenities a big city has to offer, just with a little more space and peace. 

Snowy Winters for Subtropical Temperatures 

The best part of moving to Tampa from Chicago? The beautiful, year-round weather. No more shoveling snow for hours in frigid temperatures. Because of its location on the Florida peninsula and the Gulf of Mexico, Tampa has a humid, subtropical climate. Temperatures range from 70 to 90 degrees in the summer and 50 to 75 degrees in the winter. You can look forward to shorts and flip-flops all year long. 

Lake Michigan for the Gulf of Mexico 

Lake Michigan is an expansive body of water that you’ve had fun fishing, swimming and boating. But it’s nothing like the Gulf of Mexico’s turquoise waters. And with white sandy beaches minutes away, you can enjoy beach life every day. Try surfing, paddle boarding and deep sea fishing for new experiences!  

Michigan Avenue for Water Street Tampa 

You’ve spent a lot of time strolling Chicago’s famous Michigan Avenue. The street’s history, artsy vibe and upscale shopping have made the street a favorite to locals and tourists. You’ll find a similar atmosphere on Water Street Tampa. Located along Tampa Bay, this street is an up and coming development. You’ll have easy access to parks, offices, apartments, rooftop gardens, fitness centers, a Riverwalk, dining, shopping and more. It’s a huge draw for families, professionals and young generations.  

Need help moving? 

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