Moving from Chicago, IL to San Jose, CA

Moving Cross Country from Chicago to San Jose 

Looking forward to moving from Chicago to San Jose? While both are large metro areas, you’ll notice differences in the weather, environment and scenery. And though you’ve come to love living in Chicago, there’s a lot to enjoy in your new city. Learn what to look forward to when moving to San Jose, and how U-Pack® can help you move there.  

Ditch the Snow Boots 

Say goodbye to Chicago’s frigid winters as you toss out the snow boots and shovels. You won’t need them in San Jose! Like most cities in the Bay Area, San Jose has a Mediterranean climate. Which means the summers are warm, and the winters are cool. San Jose rarely ever gets snow, and if by chance there is snowfall, it’s usually a dusting. And unlike Chicago’s summers which can be hot and humid, San Jose’s summers are dry with average temps in the 80s. 

Live Better 

Chicago is home to many Fortune 500 companies, making the area a desirable place to work. But businesses in San Jose are no second best. The city has one of the highest geographic concentrations of tech industries. Major companies with headquarters in the area include PayPal, Adobe, eBay, Cisco and Broadcom.

Because of San Jose’s technology boom, residents make more money and enjoy a better quality of life. According to Sperling’s Best Places, the household income in San Jose is 84% higher than it is in Chicago. And though the cost of living is higher, the median family income of $105,943 helps make up for it.  

Escape to the Coast 

When you move to San Jose, you’ll be trading Lake Michigan for an actual ocean — The Pacific. The nearest beaches are about 45 minutes away, but you’re used to long drives in Chicago! Escape the hustle and bustle of city life at one of these nearby tranquil beaches: 

  • Natural Bridges State Beach 
  • Davenport Landing Beach 
  • Scott Creek Beach 
  • Arroyo de los Frijoles Beach 
  • San Gregorio State Beach 

Moving to San Jose with U-Pack

The distance between Chicago and San Jose is 2,160 miles or 32 hours. That’s a long way to move! Instead of driving a rental truck that far or paying a high price to hire a full-service company, consider U-Pack. We offer the best of both worlds. With our “you pack, we drive” service, you pack and load, and we handle the driving. Prices are comparable to truck rental, and with our nationwide coverage, we provide quick transit times. Get a free online quote to check rates for your move from Chicago to San Jose.