Moving from Chicago, IL to Ann Arbor, MI

Are you moving from Chicago, IL to Ann Arbor, MI?

Making the move from Chicago, Illinois to Ann Arbor, Michigan can be something of a culture shock for people who haven’t spent much time out of the big city. Ann Arbor, by contrast, is a much smaller, quieter town of only about 116,000 people. This compares to Chicago which has literally millions upon millions of residents. Ann Arbor, though, offers a little something different. It offers a more relaxed pace and the benefits of a college town. In fact, there are few cities that could be better described as being a college town than Ann Arbor, which almost revolves around activities at the University of Michigan.

Though the city was founded in 1824, it wasn’t until University of Michigan moved to the town in 1837 that it really began to prosper. This likely also helped to contribute to the city’s very liberal, activist stances during the Civil Rights and Vietnam War demonstrations. There is certainly much to talk about when discussing Ann Arbor, and it won’t take much more than this article to see why you should leave Chicago for this beautiful Michigan town.

What is the weather like in Ann Arbor?    

Ann Arbor and Chicago are almost parallel from one another on a map. They are, in fact, less than a four hour drive apart, so weather patterns are not drastically different. The average temperatures of the two cities are decidedly similar, with highs ranging from 31 in January to the mid-80s in July for both places. In addition, they both receive less than 40 inches of rain annually.

The big difference between Ann Arbor and Chicago comes from the amount of snow they receive. Michigan is known throughout the nation for being a very snowy city, so it will come as no surprise that they receive 58 inches each winter season. For fans of cold weather, this will be one of the big advantages that the town provides. White Christmases are the norm in Ann Arbor, and children can be raised making snow angels and snowmen. Unlike Chicago, which is crowded with people and buildings, playing outside and gaining these snow-play experiences is also a more realistic vision.

Summer days will also take on new meanings in Ann Arbor thanks to the abundance of natural landscapes surrounding the city, with the pleasant 70-something degree temperatures that predominate much of the summer months lending themselves to pleasant days taking in the outdoors. 

What is the economy of Ann Arbor like?

A legitimate concern when moving from a huge, business-filled city like Chicago to a smaller community is that there will not be much in the way of an economy. It might worry some potential movers that job possibilities will be limited. This, however, is not something one should be thinking about when considering a move to Ann Arbor from Chicago.

With the University of Michigan as the economic center of the city, there are over 30,000 workers employed at the university and an additional 12,000 at its medical center. Many employers find the town especially appealing due to the high research activity at the school. Due to its proximity to Detroit, automobile manufacturers like Visteon and General Motors also have a foothold in Ann Arbor economics.

High tech companies pervade the city, as well, largely thanks to the International Radio Corporation created both the first mass-produced AC/DC radio and the first pocket radio in the city. This has led to a number of other technology companies finding a home in Ann Arbor. Online media has continued this high-tech trend, with Google’s AdWords program headquartered in the city, as well as the All Media Guide. 

The University of Michigan

While there are many colleges and universities found in the city of Chicago, none of them have roots that help to define the city. Ann Arbor, as mentioned above, is one with the University of Michigan, and you can’t talk about one without mentioning the other. The activities and influence that UM provides the city with are limitless. Thanks to the school, Ann Arbor is able to experience a number of plays and music events it would not otherwise. It is almost criminal to not be aware of UM Wolverine games as a citizen, providing a very unique collegiate experience for all citizens.

To give an idea of just how important athletics and the Wolverine teams are to the city, one need look no father than the sheer number of championships the school has garnered over the years. 36 – count them – 36 national NCAA Division 1 titles have been achieved by the University of Michigan over the years. This includes nine in ice hockey, two in baseball, one in men’s basketball and a whopping 11 in football. If sports and arts are important to you, there’s no better place to live than Ann Arbor!

Making the move to Ann Arbor

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