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Moving to a Big City Alone

By Josh K
July 5th, 2012 - 2:19 PM

Is it possible to be totally alone when you are surrounded by four million people? How long can you live in a concrete jungle without any concrete jungle friends? If you’re looking for a few tips on moving to a big city alone, you are in the right place. I think you’ll find that the singles scene in nearly all major metropolises in the U.S. is pretty vibrant. If you’re hoping to not be alone for long in your new city, you may keep in mind that larger cities on the west coast such as San Francisco, Seattle, and Phoenix seem to have drawn more single men, while large cities on the east coast and Midwest tend to have higher populations of single women. No matter what, you will soon find out that you’re not alone at all! 

The cool thing about social media is that by now (whether you realize it or not) you probably have a Facebook connection with someone in just about every major city in the country. When you decide you’re moving out of your rural community in Kansas or small Californian suburb, my first suggestion is—check Facebook. Who do you know in downtown Portland, Miami Beach, or the Big Apple? When you make a wild decision that it is time to “try something new,” it’s always good to have an old friend within accessible distance. Who knows? Maybe he/she will let you crash on the couch while you find the perfect apartment. 

Speaking of apartments, I’m assuming you will want to start your new job in downtown Dallas or that quaint satellite office in Bellevue right away. Go for it! Nowadays you have options for getting from point A to point B in no time. U-Pack has unlimited options when it comes to moving; just order a ReloCube or two and you’re all set.

Maybe you “know someone who knows someone” too! Inevitably, when you make the formal announcement that you’re moving to an unfamiliar new mecca across multiple states, you’ll have friends and family mention who they know in your new area. I’ve found that more often than not, my best friend’s friends are my friends too. Ask to be introduced online to any friends or family who might be within that first couple degrees of separation from your besties. If you have a big family like me, you might even find out there is a second cousin living in Tempe that you never met before.

When all else fails, you still have a final safety net. Singles like you and me are able to buy unconditional love! Yes sir.  My favorite breed is the Cocker Spaniel. When you’re moving to a big city alone, you’ll find out really quickly that nearly every single man is some dog’s best friend. Don’t let yourself get lonely. Get a pet. Even a finicky kitten will dry the tears of your first few weeks in the lonely rat race called Chicagoland.

And finally, here’s another great idea. Meetup.com is a place to find other single guys and gals who are more than gung-ho about entering their weiner dog into the National Dachshund Races! (The niche can get pretty specific, even bordering on creepy, so beware.) If you have trouble getting out and being sociable, don’t worry. Your new best friend will insist otherwise. Take a pic of your favorite dog and get signed up. You can also find a lot of other cool groups on meetup.com that wouldn’t interest your trusty wingman. Check out meet-ups catered specifically to those interested in wine-tasting, yoga, watersports, or comedy clubs.  The adventure is a never-ending story.  Good luck!