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Moving Service Assists Johns Hopkins and United Way

April 7th, 2010 - 10:54 AM

Moving Service Assists Johns Hopkins University with Eco-Friendly United Way Fundraiser

ABF U-Pack, a nationwide moving service, has agreed to provide boxes, moving containers and trailers for the collection of donated items in an eco-friendly fundraiser at Johns Hopkins University.

(FORT SMITH, Ark.) — Johns Hopkins University has a vision of sustainability. They also have big-hearted students moving out of dorms with a lot of stuff they no longer want. Since ABF U-Pack Moving service likes to help out with a worthy cause and United Way is one of the most admirable, all have teamed up for an effort called JH-U-Turn that launches April 19, 2010. It is an idea that's responsible, sensible, creative, eco-friendly and generous.

Each year when students move out of dorms, they throw away a lot of trash that could be someone else's treasure. In keeping with their sustainability goals, Johns Hopkins decided to turn that trash to cash and donate it to the Johns Hopkins University Neighborhood Fund, a United Way campaign. The fund provides grant money to non-profit organizations operating in the communities surrounding the university. Once Johns Hopkins and the United Way decided to move forward with the program they asked ABF U-Pack Moving service to help.

JH-U-Turn is designed to help reduce waste by asking students to donate their unwanted items at the end of the school year, including clothing, furniture, books, electronics and household goods. Donations will be placed inside ABF U-Pack Moving boxes in every dorm.

Donated items will be gathered into ReloCube moving and containers, one of U-Pack's moving options. These large metal moving and storage containers fit in a standard parking space. ReloCubes are perfectly suited for collecting donated items since they are lockable and storable. The program was patterned after a program at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Penn., which also utilizes U-Pack equipment donated by the moving service. Large items, or items donated by faculty or staff, will be placed directly into the outdoor ReloCubes strategically located in and around campus. An ABF moving trailer will be placed on campus as well for final collection and transport.
Collection will begin in April 19 and will continue through the end of May. All items donated will then get a second chance at being useful when they are sold at bargain-basement prices at the JH-U-Turn sale on June 12, 2010. The sale will be held in the Ralph S. O'Conner Recreation Center and is open to the public. Limited free parking will be available. All proceeds from the sale will benefit the Johns Hopkins University's Neighborhood Fund.

For more information on JH-U-Turn contact Carrie Bennett liaison@jhu.edu
For more information on ABF U-Pack, visit https://www.upack.com. U-Pack Moving is a service of Moving Solutions Inc.
Contact: Kay Lynn Clay, Marketing Manager
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