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Moving Industry Insider Tips

By Josh J
February 18th, 2011 - 3:39 PM

Moving Industry Insider Tips
If you or someone you know has an upcoming move, there are several things about the moving industry that you should know.

Not All Movers are Movers
One of the biggest secrets of the moving industry is that in large part, it's made up of people who aren't movers.  'Brokers' are people or companies that work in the moving industry to sell moves to customers, and then they contract with movers (who may or may not be qualified or trustworthy) to get things done.  As a customer, this is not in your best interest.  You want to deal directly with the moving company that will be handling your move.  A broker just creates an additional layer of cost, and sometimes confusion, that you don't need.

Price may be Negotiable, but Quality is Not
The moving industry is a competitive one. There are some moving companies that will cut corners to save their own costs, even at the customer's expense. The better equipped you are and the more information you have, the better job you can do of making sure you get a fair price in exchange for moving your items safely.  Do your research, and make sure that you are comparing not just the cost to move, but the value of the moving service. 

Use a Moving Checklist during the Stress of Moving
As important as being prepared is, remaining calm is equally important. Many times, the stress of moving can cause you to forget an important detail, or leave behind a treasured item. I've been in the moving industry for several years, and try to advise customers to make use of a moving checklist to help keep things in order. You'll be glad to have a few solid guidelines to refer to if you're in the midst of moving chaos.

Time is Money
The earlier you begin preparing for your move, the more choices you have and the more research you can do.  This provides you with the best opportunity to get a great move— at a great value!— from the most sought-after players in the moving industry.

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