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Moving from Chicago: FAQ

September 20th, 2012 - 12:12 PM

Ready to hit the road and get moving from Chicago? While it’s an amazing city, the tight quarters, narrow streets and abundance of buildings makes it slightly more difficult to move out of than other metropolitan locations. The result? Lots of questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked. We hope they’re helpful!

What options do I have for moving from Chicago?
Your moving options are as varied as the toppings on a Chicago-style dog! They vary by price and by the amount of work you want to do (rental truck, “you pack, we drive,” full-service). Because everyone’s needs and moving budgets are different, your best bet is to evaluate your options based on your specific circumstance. Are you working with a tight budget? Full-service probably isn’t ideal. Do you want to drive your own vehicle? Truck rental probably isn’t ideal either. Do you need a low-cost move but don’t want to drive? A “you pack, we drive” solution may be ideal.

What is the best way to move from Chicago?
While admittedly we’re a little biased, we’ve also looked at the facts. We think you’ll find that one of the most budget-friendly and easiest ways to move to Chicago is with U-Pack Moving – a “you pack, we drive” self-moving service that offers low-prices in return for doing some of the work on your own.  And the best part? U-Pack does all the driving. No worries about driving a large, unfamiliar rental truck down busy city streets, and no worries about paying prices you can’t afford. With close to 280 service centers situated conveniently throughout the country, U-Pack can move you from Chicago to virtually any U.S. or Canadian destination (including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico).

How can I save money moving from Chicago with U-Pack?
If you were to ask former customers why they chose U-Pack, how do you think most would respond? If you guessed “lower cost,” you’re right. When we surveyed customers who previously used the service, 78% said they chose U-Pack based on price. Guess what the next closest reason was? If you guessed “U-Pack does the driving,” you’re right again! Customers love the idea of not having to drive a rental truck across the country.

Because your U-Pack price includes the driver, fuel and liability coverage (and there’s no additional charge for sales tax), long-distance U-Pack moves typically compare in price to truck rental. If you’re curious how much it would cost to fuel a rental truck from Chicago to your new location, check out U-Pack’s Rental Truck Fuel Estimator. You’ll probably find that once you add the high cost of fuel, renting a truck and driving it yourself doesn’t seem all that great.  

How much does it cost to move from Chicago?
This may be the question most frequently asked by customers moving from Chicago. Because moving prices vary based on the specific details of your move, the best way to determine price is to get a free moving quote. It’s simple. Just enter some basic information about your move, and you’ll see the price instantly. When you’re comparing, keep in mind that U-Pack’s price includes the driver, fuel and liability coverage. No surprises...just simple moving – from Chicago to wherever – door-to-door.

Where is the ABF service center in Chicago?
Interested in saving money on your move, or have parking issues that prohibit moving trucks in your area? Consider a U-Pack Terminal-to-Terminal or Terminal-to-Door move!  There are three service centers located in the Chicago area:

  • 1900 Lincoln Highway, Sauk Village, IL 60411
  • 5300 W 47th, Chicago, IL 60638
  • 400 East Touhy Ave, Des Plaines, IL 60018

How do I tell my job I’m moving from Chicago?
Standard professional etiquette calls for providing two-week’s notice. Every company has different procedures and policies, so best practice is to check with your supervisor, employee handbook, or human resources department for the standards at your office. Some companies require a written notice while some accept verbal notice. Either way, make sure to give plenty of advanced notice so you leave in good standing.

 How do I move from my apartment in Chicago?
When you’re moving from an apartment in Chicago, it’s important to be aware of the parking situation in your area. Is there room from a moving truck? Are there limitations on how long it can be parked? Are parking permits required? Do you need to reserve the service elevator for moving day? Because of tight city streets and strict parking regulations, there are many areas in Chicago where moving equipment is not allowed. Call U-pack at 800-413-4799 with your zip code, and a U-Pack moving specialist can verify door delivery to your area.

Once you’ve verified parking, the next step is to review your rental agreement. Following the terms of your lease (giving timely notice and following proper check-out procedures) should ensure a returned deposit. (Tip: make sure to leave a forwarding address so they’ll know where to send your deposit.)

Here’s more info on moving out of an apartment.

What should I look for in a new hometown when moving from Chicago?
Well, that depends on what you like and dislike about Chicago. Your employment needs, the educational needs of your family, and your taste will determine which cities would make a good hometown for you and your family. For starters, if you enjoy the big city life, you might want to check out cities of similar size. If you want to move somewhere similar, check out Houston, TX (for life on the Gulf Coast), Phoenix, AZ (for warmer winters!), or San Diego, CA (which has a great zoo like Chicago). Chicago is full of great job opportunities, so if you want to move to another flourishing area, check out Dallas, TX, Omaha, NE, and Denver, CO. To slow down your pace a little bit, you might enjoy life in Broken Arrow, OK (Tulsa suburb for Midwest living), Kansas City, KS (for a metro area with a small town feel), or Savannah, GA (for some southern charm).

What should I do before moving from Chicago?
Aside from attending one last Bears, Cubs, or Sox game and eating one last deep dish pizza, there are a few things to do before your move. Arrange to have your utilities disconnected after moving day. Be sure and give them a forwarding address so you receive any final statements and deposits. Talk with your health providers and have your medical, dental, school, and veterinary records transferred. If you don’t know where you will visit in your new town, just ask to take copies of your files with you. Don’t forget to file a change of address form at the Post Office. Lastly, the most helpful tip is to download our moving checklist. It features eight weeks of moving preparations with a thorough checklist to make sure you don’t forget a thing! Just before your move, read up on our packing tips before you get out the moving boxes and tape guns so you make sure you pack properly.

U-Pack is ready to help you move from Chicago the easy, affordable way. Get a free moving quote today, and let us do the driving! Do you have more questions about moving from Chicago? Leave a comment below. We’ll be happy to help.