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Moving back home after college

July 2nd, 2012 - 2:23 PM
So now that you’ve graduated college, you’re ready to move back home. Maybe you’re starting a job in your hometown or maybe you’re moving back home to save money until you can venture out again. Whatever your reason may be, you know that you have to find the best way to get your stuff back to your hometown.  No matter if you lived in a dorm room or an off-campus apartment, you now have way more stuff than you started college with. Just imagine all the t-shirts you’ve acquired from intramurals, the futon you bought just to be known as “the room with the cool futon,” or all the books you have to lug around because the bookstore wouldn’t buy them back—that’s a lot of stuff that won’t fit back into your suitcase or personal car anymore.

Moving your memories
When you move back home from out of state, you’ll probably be driving your personal car or flying home. You could get a friend to drive you to pick up a rental truck and then drive that rental truck all the way back home, but spending the extra money on gas and extra hotel stays on the road isn’t the best money-saving idea for a recent graduate. Here’s where U-Pack saves you from the money sucking rental truck option:

With U-Pack’s 6’x 7’x 8’ ReloCube®, a moving container that can hold a studio-sized apartment, your belongings are driven back to your hometown for you by a professional ABF driver. The ReloCube is delivered right to your dorm or apartment complex (don’t forget to check with the residence life department on campus or apartment manager to make sure you can use a standard-sized parking space to put your ReloCube in).

You have three business days to load your ReloCube. It is easy to load because it sits flat on the ground. You put your own lock on the ReloCube and keep the keys. When it’s all ready to go, call U-Pack to pick it up. When it arrives in your hometown in estimated 2-5 business days, you get three business days to unload. The ReloCube is truly the best way to move back home after college.

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The best part about using U-Pack’s ReloCube over a rental truck is that you don’t have to pay extra for gas because the gas, taxes, and driver are all included in your free moving quote. If you are thinking about using another moving container option, make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. After your stressful week of finals is done, U-Pack will make moving back home after college stress-free for you with our handy ReloCube!

Congratulations, grad!