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March Madness 2013

March 18th, 2013 - 12:38 PM

It’s time for March Madness!
Here at U-Pack, we write about moving long distance every single day – and we love it! You know what else we love? March Madness. In fact, we have a bracket tournament challenge each year in our office. If you love March Madness just as much as we do, then I have the answers to the questions you are asking about March Madness 2013. Take a look below.

Did you know? This year’s March Madness tournament is the 75th Division I tournament to take place in the history of these tournaments.

Where can I get a March Madness Printable Bracket?
Click here to get a free printable bracket from NCAA.com to keep up with each day of play. Or, check out Foxsports.com, cbssports.com, or espn.com for other styles of brackets. These websites also have interactive brackets, too.

What are the number 1 seeds for each region?

  • Louisville is the #1 seed for the Midwest Region.
  • Kansas is the #1 seed for the South Region.
  • Indiana is the #1 seed for the East Region.
  • Gonzaga is the #1 seed for the West Region.

The bubble teams that did not make the tournament include Southern Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, and Iowa.

The bubble teams that did make the tournament include La Salle, Boise State, St. Mary’s, and Middle Tennessee State. These were the last four teams in.

The top four seeds in each region include (1-4):

  • Midwest: Louisville, Duke, Michigan State, St. Louis
  • South: Kansas, Georgetown, Florida, and Michigan
  • East: Indiana, Miami, Marquette, Syracuse
  • West: Gonzaga, Ohio State, New Mexico, Kansas State

When is March Madness?
First round play usually begins the third Tuesday of March. This year, it starts on Tuesday, March 19th and ends Monday, April 8.

What is the March Madness schedule?
March 17th was Selection Sunday. You can find Selection Sunday results on ESPN, CBS, and Fox sports websites.

The rest of the schedule goes as followed:

  • March 19-20 – First Round
  • March 21-24– Second and Third Rounds
  • March 28-31 – Regionals (Sweet Sixteen™ and Elite Eight®)
  • April 6 – Final Four®
  • April 8 – National Championship Game

Where is March Madness?
There are several March Madness 2013 locations throughout the country:

  • The First Round will take place in Dayton, OH.
  • The Second and Third Rounds will take place in Auburn Hills, MI, Lexington, KY, Salt Lake City, UT, San Jose, CA, Austin, TX, Dayton, OH, Kansas City, MO, and Philadelphia, PA.
  • The Regionals will take place in four different cities. The East Regional will take place in Washington, D.C., the West Regional in Los Angeles, CA, the South Regional in Arlington, TX, and the Midwest Regional in Indianapolis, IN.
  • The Final Four and National Championship game will take place in Atlanta, GA in the Georgia Dome.

How many teams compete in March Madness?
68 teams compete in the tournament in hopes to win basketball’s most coveted title “NCAA Division I National Champions.” The winning team gets a national title trophy.

How do I watch March Madness games live?
You can watch games live online, on TV, or in person at one of the many places where the tournament will take place. If you want to watch online, you can get all of the games on the NCAA Website or download the NCAA March Madness app and watch the games on your mobile device.

What channels are showing the Mach Madness games?
If you want to watch all the games on TV, you’ll need these channels: CBS, TBS, TNT, and truTV. 

How do I get score updates?
If you can’t watch the games live, then check out the ESPN ScoreCenter app to get live score updates. 

How do I get March Madness tickets?
As the beginning of the tournament nears, tickets will be harder to find. You can check the NCAA website for tickets, as they do have a ticket exchange program available. You could also check with your friends on social media sites, check sites like eBay and StubHub, or go to the game and buy tickets from people outside the stadium doors.

Where can I find March Madness predictions?
You can find predictions to help you determine how to fill out your bracket by going online. Check out bleacherreport.com or other similar sites.

What are 2013 March Madness Cinderella teams?
Typically, the lower seeded teams in the tournament (Nos. 9-16) are potential “Cinderella” teams, meaning they could unpredictably win games in the tournament against top seeded teams (Nos. 1-8).

Who won March Madness 2012?
The NCAA 2012 champion was the Kentucky Wildcats. They defeated the Kansas Jayhawks in a close game. The score was 68-67.

Who won March Madness 2011?
The NCAA 2011 champion was the Connecticut Huskies. They defeated the Butler Bulldogs 53-41.

Let us know your predictions!
Who do you think will be the March Madness 2013 Champion? Comment below and let us know!