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I Need to Move Tomorrow

June 11th, 2014 - 3:22 PM

Need to Move Tomorrow? Call U-Pack!

If you are moving long distance on short notice, your options may be a bit limited (especially during the peak moving season). But, pending availability, U-Pack can almost always handle last minute moves! If you need to move tomorrow, the first thing you should do is call a U-Pack Moving Specialist at 800-413-4799 to discuss the details of your move. They’ll be able to give you prices and check availability while you’re on the phone.

Once we’ve verified availability, you can make the reservation over the phone right away. And, there’s no deposit required. You don’t have to pay anything until after your shipment is loaded and you know how much space you need.

Since you’re moving on short notice, these tips can help you get all of the important things done quickly!


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8 Things to do if You Need to Move Tomorrow

  1. Call U-Pack to reserve your move. That we’ve mentioned this twice is probably a good indication that it’s important. Go ahead and call.
  2. Prep your appliances. If you’re moving your fridge, a chest freezer, or your washer, those will need to defrost or air out before loading them into the moving truck or container. So, start by unplugging them and prepping them to defrost and dry. Learn more about moving a refrigerator.
  3. Set aside important documents. There are some important documents you’ll want to keep with you before, during and after your move. These include your moving quote, Bill of Lading (or contract), moving checklist, receipts, and important phone numbers and addresses, etc. Create a folder specifically for these items and keep it with you.
  4. Call in your helpers. Gather friends, family, or anyone who can help you pack and load. If you’re moving tomorrow, it’s all hands on deck (pizza and drinks may help)!
  5. Start packing. You won’t have time to order moving boxes to be delivered to your home, but we recommend using boxes that are made for moving and use packing best practices to make sure your belongings stay safe in transit.
  6. Get approval for parking. This is another call you’ll want to make right away. Before the moving truck or container arrives, you’ll need to make sure there is a safe and legal place to park it. If you’re planning to park (even partially) on a city street, you may need a parking permit – call your city or police department. If you have an HOA, you’re in an apartment complex, or you’re renting, go ahead and call for permission so you don’t run into any problems tomorrow. Skipping this step could result in a fine.
  7. Plan for kids and pets. As you pack, make sure the kid and pets are taken care of it and in a safe place. Also, make sure you set aside the essentials for your kids and pets, like their favorite toys, food bowls and beds for the pets, and any “must haves” your kids can’t live without. Don’t pack those items. Read more about moving with pets and moving with kids.
  8. Hydrate! It seems simple, but sometimes when you’re in a rush, you forget to drink water. This is especially important when you’re doing a DIY move in the summer months. Tomorrow is a big day, make sure you’ve had plenty to drink before, during and after!

Ready, set, move!

U-Pack Moving Consultants are experts at planning long-distance moves – even if you need to move tomorrow. Regardless of your situation, give us a call and we’ll work hard to arrange your move quickly and efficiently.