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How Toy Story Got Moving All Wrong

October 8th, 2013 - 12:40 PM

Moving Experts to the Rescue!

Ah, Toy Story. It’s one of the most-loved Disney movies of all time—you’ve seen it, right? If not, you’re missing out! The story of Andy and his beloved toys gets us every time, but what we’re really intrigued by is the fact that it revolves around moving. That’s right, Andy’s family is preparing for a move, and we couldn’t help but notice there are several details these talking toys got WAY wrong when it comes to moving to their new home. Take a lesson from Andy and the gang and make sure you avoid these moving blunders and packing pitfalls:

1. First things first: be sure to properly secure your boxes. We wouldn’t want any toys to escape during the trip to their new home! Sturdy cardboard boxes made specifically for moving are your best bet for protecting your items while traveling—they’re the least likely to crush.



Andy’s Toys need to be properly secured in the moving box.

2. When you’re down to the wire before moving day, it’s a good idea to eat dinner at home to use up any remaining perishable food. Plus, you might get tired of pizza by the time you order out for a few days when trying to unpack everything at your new place!



Andy visits Pizza Planet to take a break from unpacking.

3. Here’s one to think about: Andy’s family hired a full-service moving company for their move. While this isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s a great reminder to do your research. ‘You pack, we drive’ services like U-Pack are a great option for those who don’t mind packing their own belongings (like Andy’s mom), but need someone to who can deliver the items to their new home. With rates comparable to renting a truck, that could mean quite a bit left over in your moving budget! (Disney World, anyone?)


Buzz watches the moving van arrive at the house.

4. This scene just makes us nervous: the boxes and furniture aren’t secured inside the moving truck! See the box labeled “MISC”? It’s perched too precariously on top of “Andy’s Toys” and should definitely be secured with rope or straps to keep it from shifting.  The furniture should also be wrapped with paper padding or moving blankets to protect them from damage—you’ll be glad you took the extra steps to protect your items!


Boxes and furniture aren’t secured inside the moving truck!

So, we covered all the things Toy Story got wrong about moving, but I know what you’re thinking: Is there anything about moving that Toy Story got right?

There is in Toy Story 2! Andy’s mom hosts a yard sale to get rid of unwanted items, which is a great way to declutter before moving. Our last piece of advice, though—instead of putting a family treasure like Woody in the money box where anyone could nab it, keep important items in a safe place inside the house!


A greedy collector tries to steal Woody.


As much as we love Toy Story, we know moving is a lot different in real life. Have a question? Leave a comment below or call U-Pack at 800-413-4799.