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How to Prepare for Moving to a Small Town

By Heather
March 26th, 2012 - 4:07 PM

Are you moving to a small town, perhaps to get away from big city life, or maybe a job or career change? Whatever the case, you’ll definitely want to do a little new-town-investigation before you move. Pre-move research will definitely help you get a feel for the city and what it has to offer, and you can do most of it online, from the comfort of your favorite chair!

Here are a few suggestions to help prepare you for your move to a small town:

  1. Google your new city
    Sounds simple, right? You can easily jump online and perform a search to see what comes up on your new town. Try searching “things to do in (your city),” “(city) newcomers,” or “moving to (city).”  Most cities are known for something, so a little research will help you figure out what your new town has to offer.
  2. Check out the Visitors Center or Chamber of Commerce
    Most towns have a visitor’s center or Chamber of Commerce, and these can both be a great resource for learning what the town has to offer; most offer a newcomers guide. Search “(city) visitor’s center,” or visit Chamber of Commerce.com (you can search by city and state).
  3. Meet your neighbors
    While this is sometimes difficult if you don’t have much chance to visit your new town before moving day, meeting some of the locals will certainly help you get a feel for the city. Some small towns are notorious for being close knit communities where newcomers are welcomed slowly. Make an effort to make a good first impression, and keep in mind that it might take some time to find your place. Keep in mind that many people in small town grew up there, so roots are deep. But being friendly goes a long way! You could also join a local church; they’re a great environment for meeting new people. If you don’t have a chance to visit ahead of time, speak with the HR department at your new company, they may be able to put you in contact with co-workers you can connect with beforehand.
  4. Visit community information websites
    U-Pack’s Coverage Map offers information on thousands of cities throughout the U.S – you’ll find great resources, and info on what to expect when you get there. Topix is another online site with a plethora of information on towns across the United States. You can search for information on your specific town easily by zip code. They have news and events for the town, local entertainment, shopping, and real estate information.

Moving from a larger city to a small town is certainly life-altering, and may take a little getting used to, but many people like the slower pace. Have you made the move from a big city to a small town? Tell us how you handled it.