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How to find the best places to eat in your new city

April 3rd, 2012 - 11:06 AM

Want to know how to find the best places to eat in your new city?

Moving to a new city is so exciting!  Though you may miss some of your favorite restaurants back home, now you’ll get to find new ones, and trying them out is the best part.  (As long as they’re good, right?)

 Thank goodness for technology and iPhone apps!  Now there are great resources for finding out what the best places to eat are ahead of time. Here are some great resources:

 Urbanspoon.  This is my favorite. I’ve got the iPhone app, and I use it often.  Just enter your location and check out the great places in your area – read reviews, check out menus etc.  When we’re up for anything, I use the “slot machine” feature and just let it pick for me. 

 Dine.com.  It’s “the world’s largest restaurant guide written by you.”  You can search by specific restaurant name, or drill down on the state and city you’re moving to and see what the options are in your area.   

 Foodspotting. This is an iPhone app that allows users find and rate restaurants and the dishes they serve.  It’s a visual, local guide where users share photos of the foods they love and tell people where to go to find them.

 AroundMe.  This is another great iPhone app.  It uses GPS to locate your position, just tell it what you’re looking for (restaurants in this case), and it will show you a complete list of the restaurants in the area, along with how long it will take to get there. 

 If technology isn’t your thing and you prefer old-fashioned word-of-mouth, it’s good to note that the best restaurants are typically the ones with the biggest crowds.  If you notice a large amount of traffic at a particular restaurant, you may want to try it out.  Also, look for locals who frequent certain restaurants versus going where tourists dine. 

 Really, the most reliable way to find out the best places to eat in your new city is just to try them out yourself.  You never know the treasures you might find.  And when you find a great place to eat, make sure to go online and leave a review so others in your shoes will know! 

 Bon appétit!