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How to find a summer job

April 22nd, 2013 - 3:54 PM

Tips and ideas for how to find a summer job

Summertime jobs are a great time to make some extra money before you head off to school or go back to your primary job. My first summer job was working at a restaurant to save spending money for my first year of college. Whatever your reason for working during the summer, this blog post has some great ideas and tips for how to find a summer job.

How to find a summer job

Start early. It’s never too early to start looking for a summer job. The closer you get to the summer months, the more competition there will be for the jobs you’re most interested in. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to show that you’re dedicated to finding something sooner rather than later.

Explore your options. Use your personal interests to help you choose your summer job. Do you like working with kids? Then perhaps a daycare or full-time nanny position would be best! Do you like animals? Then consider working at the zoo or local animal shelter. How about working at a state park if you’re the outdoorsy type? Narrow down your top interests, then see what related jobs are available.

Network. Ask anyone and everyone you know if they know about summer job opportunities. The person with the right connection might not be someone you know personally, but someone that someone else knows personally. Talk with friends, teachers, former employers, and your parents about their connections and who they know. Tweet about it, Facebook it, do everything you can to let everyone know that you’re on the hunt for a great summer job.

Use the Career Services Office.  College students often ask their Career Services Center how to find a summer job in their field of study. Drop by or go online to see if any companies or businesses have listed job openings.

Cold Call or Visit. Contacting potential employers without a recommendation is perfectly okay. Stopping by the business and asking to speak to the manager at their earliest convenience is a great way to land a summer job. Just be sure to be prepared with a resume and references to hand them when you meet. Be sure to be dressed professionally! It’s also okay to call potential employers, too. Sometimes, this is the best way to find a summer job.

Look online. You may just find that your summer job search begins online. Try looking at local business websites, community websites (like the city website or newspaper classifieds), or career websites like monster.com or careerbuilder.com.

Start your own business. Summertime is the perfect time to start your own business. Whether it’s graphic design, house sitting, dog walking, working a snow cone stand, babysitting, or lawn mowing, take your entrepreneurial attitude and profit from it!

Look for internships. While most internships are unpaid, the real value in an internship is the “real world” experience you could gain. Learn all about how to find an internship here.

Ask the guidance counselor. If you are a high school student, your guidance counselor can help you figure out how to find a summer job. They might have connections with area businesses that could help you get your foot in the door. If your summer job is your first job, they will probably even have tips and pointers to help you succeed.

Get out of town. Not finding a summer job close to home? Then explore beyond your state’s borders or even the United States border. There are plenty of summer job programs for those wanting a change of scenery. Check out backdoorjobs.com for listings of short-term job adventures.

Volunteer. Okay, so volunteer jobs don’t pay, but just like internships, they could really help you stand out on your resume (which could lead to a big job offer later on in life).

Be presentable. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can slack off in the presentation department. In fact, presentation is everything. Employers want workers who are well dressed, on time, and prepared to interview.

Know who is hiring. We’re talking about summer here, so think about what people like to do during the summer when trying to find a summer job. Movie theaters, banks, retail stores, water parks, restaurants, frozen yogurt shops, athletic venues, beach venues, summer camps, amusement parks, daycares, and outdoor jobs (like at a rafting company) will be more likely to hire extra help during the summer months.

Re-apply at your last summer job. If you were a good employee, it’s likely that you will get first dibs at getting your previous summer job back for this coming summer.

How to find a summer job – your tips and ideas

Summer is quickly approaching. Don’t wait till the last minute to find your summer job. Take these tips on how to find a summer job and use them to your advantage. Remember, summer doesn’t last forever, but it’s a great time to make some extra cash and build your resume. Leave us a comment below with your tip for finding the perfect summer job! We’d love to hear from you!