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How Much to Save Before a Move

July 24th, 2012 - 2:37 PM

A wise man once said “Never spend your money before you have it.” That advice is very valuable, especially when you’re planning for a move. It’s also wise to figure out how much to save before a move. But how do you know how much money you need to save? Let’s outline some costs.

The cost of the move. The cost of you move will vary on which type of service you use, where you are moving to and from, and how much you are moving. Of course, it costs more to move several states away than it does to move down the street. And similarly, it will cost more to move a four-bedroom home than a tiny apartment. So how can you figure your moving cost? You have to decide which moving option you will use.

  • Truck Rental. If you choose truck rental, be sure and figure the cost of the rental, your fuel (which can REALLY add up!), damage protection, boxes, additional days, sales tax, and highway tolls. Also figure for hotel stays and food along the route. Don’t forget the cost of a car trailer if you’ll be towing your car behind the rental truck.
  • Full service. If you choose a full service moving company, you’ll typically get a quoted price by having a mover come to your home for an in-home estimate. They’ll walk through your home, examine the contents, and estimate the weight of your shipment. Once they’ve estimated the weight, they’ll provide a price estimate. You’ll find that moving estimates from full-service movers can vary depending on stairs, how far it is from the front door to where the moving truck will be parked, and even the weather. Ask whether your price includes packing supplies and insurance – these may be additional costs and you’ll need to know in order to know how much to save before you move.
  • “You Pack, We Drive.” With this type of service, the moving truck or moving container is delivered to your door. You pack it up, and it’s delivered to your new home a few days later. It’s the method of moving many people choose these days; likely because it’s normally the most economical way to move long-distance without the stress of driving a rental truck across the country. This is the type of service U-Pack Moving offers, so of course, it’s the type of service we know the most about. When you request a moving quote from U-Pack (which we highly recommend), you’ll find there are no additional costs for fuel, taxes, highway tolls OR the driver – it’s all right there in your quote.

So how much to save before a move?

Once you figure out what moving solution best fits your needs (we hope it’s U-Pack!), figuring out how much to save for your move becomes a lot easier. Just make sure you’re aware of any potential additional charges. While you’re getting quotes, ask what happens if you use more or less space or weight. Then, ask if there are any potential “extra” charges. Once you have the answer to those questions, calculate how much travel will cost (hotels, fuel, food along the way, vehicle maintenance, etc.) then calculate the other expenses that go along with moving like utility deposits, transfer fees, new membership fees, etc.

If you need help figuring out how much it costs to move with U-Pack and how much to save before your move, leave a comment below or call us at 800-413-4799. We’ll gladly help!