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How much does moving and storage cost?

March 30th, 2013 - 2:51 PM

The Cost of Moving and Storage

There are many moving services out there, and the storage possibilities are endless. Determining how much moving and storage costs can be difficult. However, for the easiest, most affordable combination of moving and storage, you want a company that does them both, like U-Pack! You can easily figure out how much moving and storage costs with U-Pack by getting a free moving quote. What does that moving quote include? I’m glad you asked! Let me show you everything you get with moving and storage at U-Pack.

Moving and Storage Cost: Moving with U-Pack

U-Pack makes the moving part of “moving and storage” super easy.

  1. U-Pack brings a moving trailer or moving container right to your door.
  2. Next, you load it up (or U-Pack can offer you access to a network of experienced loaders and unloaders). Your rate is based on how much space you use. U-Pack is very flexible. If you need more space, just use what you need and adjust your rate accordingly. If you fit everything in less space, you pay less!
  3. After you load up, U-Pack does all the driving! U-Pack will deliver your stuff right to your new home.
  4. Then you unload. Easy as that!

That’s how a U-Pack move works. But what if you needed moving and storage?

If U-Pack already sounds like a great fit for you, see how much moving and storage cost at U-Pack with a moving quote. Or keep reading to learn about moving and storage with U-Pack.

Moving and Storage Cost: Storage with U-Pack

Moving and storage are easy with U-Pack! Because you are getting both moving and storage at the same place, you are going to get a great deal! But how do moving and storage work at U-Pack?

You already know about the moving part, but when you need storage, your items are stored at one of U-Pack’s service centers. Your items are stored right in the moving equipment you loaded them into. With over 300 locations nationwide (including Canada and Puerto Rico), there is a location close to you. U-Pack can store your stuff at the service center closest to your origin or destination, depending on your situation. Whenever you are done storing your belongings, U-Pack delivers them right to you so you can unload.

U-Pack’s moving and storage combo is a great option because once you load your items, they are not unloaded and reloaded into storage. They stay right where you put them until delivery.

So how much does moving and storage cost with U-Pack?

Because every situation is different, the easiest way to get a price for moving and storage is by getting a free moving quote. You will get a price for your move, along with storage rates.

If you have any questions about moving and storage costs, just leave us a comment!

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