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How much do moving containers cost?

September 24th, 2012 - 3:28 PM

Moving containers are the best new thing in the long-distance moving industry. With moving containers, you can choose to move, store, or do both! It’s got the convenience factor down, but what about affordability? In this blog post, I’ll help you learn how to determine the cost of a moving container, and we’ll compare the cost of different moving container options. Let’s go!

Your moving container cost depends on…

  1. What moving service you use. Because this post is about moving containers, the answer to that question is easy—a self-moving service.
  2. Where you’re moving from and to. It’s no secret that a long distance move will cost more than a local move, so the farther apart your origin is from your destination, the more you’ll pay to move.
  3. How much you’re moving. This will determine how many moving containers you’ll need for your move.
  4. When you’re moving. Just like hotels and airlines, the moving industry has peak and off-peak moving days. Peak days are more expensive than off-peak days, so use the U-Pack moving calendar to figure out when to move.

Moving container cost example
Now, let’s take those factors above and put them into practice. In the example below, you’ll see the cost to move with U-Pack®, PODS®, Pack-Rat®, and U-Haul® from Denver, CO to Chicago, IL (about a 1,000 mile move). I’m using zip codes 80002 for Denver and 60638 for Chicago. 

We’ll begin moving day (the day you receive your empty equipment for loading) on Tuesday, October 2, 2012. We’ll move a studio-sized apartment.

Note: Keep in mind that prices with all moving container options can fluctuate based on the moving factors above, but this is an excellent example of how you can save with U-Pack.


U-Pack’s ReloCube®

  • Estimated transit time: 3 business days (not including day of pickup, weekends, or holidays).
  • Quote below includes sales tax and standard liability coverage.
  • Reserve two, fit into one, pay for one. No additional fee to return unused container back to ABF Service Center.
  • 1 RELOCBUE TOTAL COST: $963.00 (tax included).


  • Estimated transit time: 6 days (excluding Sundays and holidays).
  • Quote below includes sales tax and coverage protection.
  • Get as many as you need delivered, and pay a fee to have the ones you don’t use to be taken back to the PODS® facility.
  • One 7 ft. container TOTAL COST: $1,835.73 (tax included).
  • One 16 ft. container TOTAL COST: $2,739.93 (tax included).


  • Estimated transit time: 7-10 days.
  • Quote below includes sales tax and content protection.
  • Get two containers delivered, use one, and pay a fee to take the unused one back to the Pack-Rat® facility.
  • One 16 ft. container TOTAL COST: $1,850.00 (tax included).


U-Haul® U-Box®

  • Estimated transit time: 10 business days.
  • Quote below includes insurance coverage, and U-Haul® truck delivery option. Does not include sales tax.
  • Get as many containers delivered as you want, pay for all of them, and then get a refund for the ones you don’t use. There is a fee for taking unused containers back to the U-Haul® facility.
  • 1 U-Box® TOTAL COST: $1,481.95 (tax not included).

Go U-Pack!
As you can see above, U-Pack is the best choice for an affordable moving container! With short transit times, an all-inclusive moving quote, great flexibility, and low cost, why would you want to move with anyone else?  

78% of U-Pack customers chose U-Pack because of price. See how much your U-Pack move will cost by getting a free moving quote! Then, compare it to the other moving container options above. Just like in the example, it’s likely that U-Pack will have the lower cost for your moving container long-distance move.

If you have a question, just leave a comment and I’ll answer it. Or, call 800-413-4799 to speak to a helpful U-Pack moving specialist. We drive. You save. ®