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How do I get organized?

May 6th, 2013 - 3:44 PM

How to Get Organized

Whether you’re trying to arrange a messy room, or declutter for an upcoming long distance move, getting organized can be easy and fun! I’ve often asked myself, “How do I get organized?” and with a little research, I’ve learned how to declutter and make a system for organizing all my stuff. By doing a little work and establishing some organizational habits, you can easily get organized (and stay that way!).

Step 1 to Getting Organized: Purge

The first steps to getting organized are to throw out the things you don’t need and give everything a designated space. You don’t want to simply just “clean up” the area; you want to create a system so you can easily use your stuff. Go through your stuff and purge any items that you don’t need/want anymore. Give yourself freedom to let go of things you are holding on to only for sentimental value. Can you take a picture of that item and get rid of it? Some things, like kids’ artwork, can be scanned and saved digitally, so you can rid of the piles of paperwork.

Once you have only the items you want to keep, put them back, but with a “system” in mind. Think about placement and storage of items to make them most efficient to use. You may need to buy some bins, crates, baskets, and other organizational items. However, you might be able to get creative with things you have on hand. Check out how to make storage bins out of cereal boxes from Apartment Therapy. They are a great way to stay organized. 

Step 2 to Getting Organized: Stay Organized!

This is the area of organization that I struggle with. I can purge and organize till the cows come home, but keeping it neat and tidy? It’s tough. How can you stay organized?

  • Put it back! When you are finished using something, put it back. So many of us have “hot spots” where you drop things once you are done with them. It could be mail piled on a kitchen counter, or shoes piled up by the door. Either way, try to stop the piles before they start.
  • Take 15 minutes each day. If you don’t have time to deep clean your entire home, take 15 minutes each day for tidying up. You will be amazed at what you can do in just 15 minutes.
  • Delegate. If you have a roommate, spouse, or kids, be sure and give them organizational tasks as well. Maybe your kids could be responsible for picking up their toys at bedtime. Or maybe your spouse could help you keep clutter off the kitchen counter. Any task you ask for help with will be one less thing for you to worry about.
  • Make small changes. You can’t become perfectly organized overnight. Strive to keep one area at a time organized. Each week, add on another area until you can keep the whole house under control.
  • Be flexible. The systems you put in place for your organization may work for a while, but over time, you may need to change and adapt those systems. Be flexible and keep changing up your organization methods as your needs change.

Now that you know how to get organized and how to stay organized, I hope you will take the time to declutter your life. What area of your home is in need of organization? Let us know and we might just do a post for tips for organizing that specific room of the house!