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Housewarming Party Ideas

March 10th, 2013 - 12:14 PM

When moving to a new home, your friends and family will want to check out the new place. A great way to let everyone come look around and visit your new home is to have a housewarming party. While you can throw a housewarming party for someone else, it is also acceptable to throw a housewarming party for yourself. It is your house, so it’s perfectly fine to welcome others to come visit! Here are some housewarming party ideas for your get together.

Housewarming Party: Pick the Right Time and Date

Think about your friends and their schedule when planning the time and date of the party. Do they all work? Are weeknights crazy with their kids’ schedules? A weekend might be ideal. For my friends, the best times to get together are Sunday afternoons, Saturday brunch, or Friday nights. But plan what works for your crew.

Housewarming Party Invitations

You have to invite people to your housewarming somehow! You can send e-vites, create an event on Facebook, or send paper invitations. When we had a housewarming in our new home, I invited many friends on Facebook via an “event,” but also sent paper invitations to family members who didn’t use Facebook. Be sure and give directions to your new home on the invitations. I would use words like “drop in” during the time to let people know that they can stop by anytime during the party. If you don’t want to appear gift grabby, I would say “No gifts, please” on your invitation. You are welcoming friends to your home, not asking for gifts, though some people will still bring them.

Housewarming Party Décor and Food

Since guests are there to take a look around your house, I wouldn’t do much in terms of decorations. I would clean and clear areas of clutter. For food, simple finger foods work well so people can mingle. If you are having it during brunch, serve breakfast foods. You can choose a “Home SWEET Home” theme and do all desserts, or you could even have some food in each room for a progressive meal as guests walk around your house! Just be sure to have plates, napkins and silverware handy!

Housewarming Party Tip: Hosting and Giving Tours

I would make sure to have some partners ready to help you host the party. Whether it’s a roommate, spouse, or just a friend, you will really need a couple people to help you host. One person will answer the door and let guests in, and someone else will give tours of the house. If you want guests to go on self-guided tours, be sure you leave the doors open and lights on so they feel welcome exploring in your new home. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the food and drinks to see when items need refills. Also, keep an eye on the trash can. At our housewarming party, the trash can was full and had to be emptied half-way through the party. Take care of all the details to make sure guests feel at home.

Housewarming Party: Have Guests Sign in

You will likely be busy talking and mingling, so it is a good idea to have some sort of sign-in sheet or guest book so you have a record of everyone who came by. You’ll be having so much fun, the party will be a blur! Also, if anyone brings a gift, be sure you send a thank you note afterwards.

Do you have any other housewarming party ideas? Leave us a comment with your ideas! We love hearing from you.