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Housewarming Gifts

August 15th, 2016 - 9:37 AM

Welcome to the neighborhood!​

Do you have new neighbors or friends or family who recently moved into a new home? If you want to give a gift to help them settle into their new place, don’t fret! We’ve made it easy to find housewarming gifts for every situation. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, something personalized or something creative, we’ve got plenty of ideas to get you started.

traditional housewarming gifts

Traditional housewarming gifts

Housewarming ideas have been around for ages so there are some very traditional gifts you can give (along with some modern twists to the classics). While these may seem a bit odd and old-fashioned, there are reasons why these gifts remain popular.

  • Pineapple. Reportedly started with Christopher Columbus bringing pineapples back to Europe, pineapples are now seen as a symbol of hospitality. If you don’t want to give them the actual fruit, a painting, plate or other item with a picture of a pineapple will work, too.
  • Salt. The idea behind giving salt is to show that you hope their life will always be flavorful. Instead of showing up with a canister of table salt, think about giving a nice salt and pepper mill set.
  • Broom. Traditionally, brooms are meant to be housewarming gifts that “sweep out any evil” in the home. You can give a broom or a decorative broom, or even a broom with a basket of cleaning supplies.
  • Bread. Similar to salt, giving bread shows your wish that the house may never go hungry. A loaf from a local bakery with some jam would make a great gift.
  • Plant. These are given to show that you wish a long life on the homeowners. Pick up some pretty flowers or give them something they can plant in their yard.

Personalized housewarming gifts

Anytime you can add a personal touch to a gift, it shows you went the extra mile to give something special. These gifts don’t take much time or money, but are great additions to any home.  

Christmas ornament. You can get as creative as you want with this one! One idea is to take an old key, attach a tag with their new address and the date and add a fun ribbon. You could also swing by and take a photo of the house and have a photo printing service put it on a Christmas ornament. Either way, this thoughtful gift will be extra special.

Magazine subscription. For an easy, yet personalized gift, pick out magazines for the family or for each member of the family. You can give them the current issue, then gift a subscription.

Stamp with new address. One ideal housewarming gift is a customized address stamp. It can take a while to remember a new address, and there can be lots of mail to send out (deposits, bills, etc), so a stamp will be used often. You can order these online, just search “personalized address stamp” to find different styles. Local office supply stores may also be able to create a personalized stamp if you’re looking for a more local option.

Takeout menu binder. One of the best gifts for someone new to an area is a takeout menu binder. Visit your favorite spots and compile menus so the new family has easy access to local restaurants. You might highlight your favorite meals or leave notes about the best pizza, Chinese take-out, or other food delivery options.

Gifts for new homeowners

When moving into a new home, there can be many small repairs and other things to check off the to-do list. These baskets are great gifts for new homeowners.

Tool kit. This is the perfect housewarming gift! Create a simple tool kit with items like a hammer, screwdrivers, a level, picture hanging hardware and a tape measure. Get them set up to start working on their new home with a simple tool kit.

Gardening basket. Gather gardening gloves, gardening tools, kneepads, a watering can and some seeds. Place them in a basket or get creative with a flower pot! You can help them start start their new garden with this awesome housewarming gift.

Baking set. While it can be welcoming to give baked goods, it can also be fun to give a baking set. Choose a theme – you could choose cookies and give a cookie sheet, spatula, oven mitt and cookie dough. Or choose cheesecake and give a springform pan, the ingredients (and a recipe card), and a kitchen towel. You could also go with a brownie theme and give brownie mix, a pan and a serving utensil. Get creative with this one and give the new homeowners the opportunity to make memories while baking in their new home.

Dinner kit. Like the baking kit, you can theme these. Start with the ingredients and a recipe and include whatever they will need to make the dinner. Bring lasagna ingredients, a colander and a lasagna pan. Or bring a pasta pot, pasta, sauce and some garlic bread for a spaghetti kit. You could also go with a grill kit and include steaks, vegetable kabobs and grill tools.

What is your favorite housewarming gift to give?

If you have a great go-to gift to give to welcome people to the neighborhood, we’d love to hear about it in the comments. It’s always great to have other ideas to try!