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Heroic Moving Service Driver

November 3rd, 2009 - 12:46 PM

Moving Service Driver Honored as a "Highway Hero" for Heroic Act

Stanley Gorczak ,a  driver for nationwide moving service provider ABF Freight System, Inc., was recognized as a "Highway Hero" for coming to the aid of a Nebraska hotel employee.

(FORT SMITH, Ark., November 3, 2009) — ABF Freight System, Inc., which offers nationwide moving trailer and moving container services, is proud to report one of its drivers was recently recognized by the Truckload Carrier's Association (TCA) for an act of heroism. Stanley P. Gorczak was honored in early October by the TCA as a "Highway Angel" for rushing to the aid of a Nebraska hotel employee.

On August 8, 2009, Gorczak checked into the Carlisle Hotel in Omaha, planning to spend the night before continuing his route in an ABF moving trailer the following day. While in the lobby, Gorczak heard a hotel clerk screaming that a co-worker had collapsed. Acting quickly, he handed her his cell phone with instructions to call 911. He then rushed to the aid of the unconscious employee. He checked her vital signs and administered the recommended precautions for a suspected seizure victim. Gorczak then stayed with her, continuing to administer assistance until paramedics arrived.

The story gets even more surprising because Gorczak has been hailed as a hero twice in less than a year. He was also recognized in early 2009 for administering life-saving techniques to a choking victim in a restaurant. While eating at an Illinois truck stop, he saw a man fall to the floor choking. Unable to lift the man to administer the Heimlich maneuver, Gorczak positioned him on his side and was able to dislodge the obstruction. 

Gorczak is in good company at ABF. This heroic driver joins at least three other ABF drivers who have been honored for heroism over the past several years.

In 1997, ABF driver Thomas Lawson saved the life of a man trapped in a smoldering, overturned vehicle moments before it exploded. Lawson was honored with Goodyear's Highway Hero award the following year. In 2004 the New Jersey Motor Truck Association honored ABF driver Art Lucas. Lucas rushed to assist a collapsed woman at a New York restaurant. He administered CPR until paramedics arrived and was later credited with saving her life. In April 2005 ABF driver David Kurre received the company's highest award, the Medal of Excellence, for rescuing an accident victim from a fiery collision. Kurre, along with two other bystanders, fought flames engulfing a vehicle and pulled off the driver-side door, extracting the victim moments before the vehicle exploded. 

So, is it something in the water at this moving services provider? According to ABF U-Pack business development manager Kay Lynn Clay, "It isn't in the water, but it is in the corporate culture. ABF makes a significant effort to hire the best. Then those employees bring their best to work every day because that is the kind of people they are. As a company we try to create a culture where quality people can do quality work." In 1984 the company introduced the Quality Process. The process outlines four company-held absolutes for quality. "Without a doubt, the ABF Quality Process is now engrained in our company's culture," says Chief Operating Officer Wes Kemp.

The result of this quality process outside of ABF's doors, loading docks and moving trailers is demonstrated by the heroic, life-saving deeds of these four drivers. The result of this Quality Process inside the company is demonstrated through impressive awards and accolades including winning the A.T.A President's Trophy Award for Safety five times and winning the Excellence in Claims/Loss Prevention Award four times. ABF also applied the Quality Process to moving services in 1997. The innovative U-Pack service allows residential customers to ship their household belongings in a moving container or on a professionally-driven ABF truck rather than driving a rental truck.

ABF U-Pack Moving is a leader in the self-move industry with a network of 281 service centers nationwide. U-Pack specializes in affordable do-it-yourself moving, combining the professional driver and equipment of traditional full-service movers with the cost savings of a rental truck. Visit https://www.upack.com/ for more information.

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