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Get a Copy of Your U-Pack Delivery Receipt

April 2nd, 2009 - 8:32 AM

Are your moving expenses tax deductible? It's tax time! 

If you've determined that your moving expenses are tax deductible, you'll need a copy of your U-Pack delivery receipt. We understand that often in the shuffle of moving, the original gets misplaced. So, if you need a copy of your delivery receipt – with the total moving cost for your U-Pack move - we can help…and it's easy.

First, you'll need your ABF Tracking Number. It's the 9-digit number at the top of your Bill of Lading. You'll also need your U-Pack Reference Number. It's the 10-digit combination of letters and numbers at the top of your quote.

**If you don't have these numbers, call U-Pack at 800-240-7422 and we'll gladly look them up for you. We'll need to know the city/ state/ zip code you moved from and to, your move date, and the name on the contract.

Once you know your tracking number and reference number, enter them in the Document Retrieval page at upack.com, choose the type of image you want, and click "Get Document".  You'll be able to view and print an imaged copy of your delivery receipt.

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