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Furniture Moving Straps

January 15th, 2016 - 3:34 PM

Prevent injuries using moving straps

If you have large pieces of furniture to move, you may be wondering how to handle it. You could hire movers or rent a furniture dolly. However, for furniture that’s big or heavy, the easiest way to move it is by using furniture straps. Our Forearm Forklift straps are heavy-duty nylon straps that use leverage, not strength, to lift items. They help prevent injury by allowing you to bend at the knees when you lift, and by reducing the load up to 66%. Let’s take a closer look at how to use Forearm Forklift moving straps to move furniture.

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Benefits of using furniture straps for your move

Furniture straps are used to move appliances and furniture easily. You can lift heavy items like TVs, entertainment centers, mattresses, cabinets, tables, dressers, china cabinets, file cabinets, couches, and other pieces by placing the adjustable straps underneath and using leverage to lift the items. The straps are 9’ 4” long and rated for up to 700 pounds. They adjust up to 48”, giving you plenty of options.

Moving straps are great for women, students, or anyone who needs a little extra help with the heavier pieces of furniture. They’re ergonomically designed to encourage proper lifting technique, making them easy for anyone to use. Forearm Forklifts are accepted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to reduce back injuries due to heavy lifting.  They make the items seem over 60% lighter, which makes it easier to go up and down stairs, through doorways, and into the moving container.

The straps are placed underneath the furniture, which lifts the pieces from the bottom, so you’re less likely to cause damage by lifting from a weaker spot on the furniture.

Moving straps like the Forearm Forklift also protect your home from damage. You can save your floors from scratches and dings that might happen from sliding furniture or using a moving dolly.

So how you do use them?

How to use moving straps

Start by making sure you’re ready for moving. Wear closed-toe shoes (steel-toe if you have them) and clothing that’s comfortable to move in. Make sure your path is clear. And as a precaution, if you have a history of back pain, lifting heavier furniture (even with the help of Forearm Forklifts) is not recommended.

Check to ensure your straps are in good condition with no wearing, tears, or frays. Also, make sure your straps haven't been in direct sunlight for a prolonged time (6+ hours for more than 4 days) as that can reduce their strength.

When you’re ready to move your furniture:

  1. Lay both straps under furniture. For pieces with strong and sturdy legs, you can lay the straps parallel side by side. For pieces without legs, crisscross the straps to prevent slippage.

  2. Grab both straps and place your forearms into the openings – one on each arm.

  3. Keep your back straight and bend only slightly at the knees. Adjust to a different arm opening if necessary. When you place your arms at 45 degrees from elbow to wrist, the strap opening should be at the base of your elbows, entirely on your forearm.

  4. Place your hands in front of your shoulder area with your palms flat on the piece of furniture to stabilize it.

  5. Confirm that both of you are both ready to lift.

  6. Lift by straightening your legs slowly (don’t push!)

  7. To lower the furniture, make sure the area is clear.

  8. Confirm readiness and slightly bend at the knees until the furniture safely reaches the floor.

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