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Freight Shipping Services for Moving

February 25th, 2015 - 8:53 AM

Household Goods Freight Shipping Options

U-Pack® specializes in shipping household goods, with a service built around making moving easy for customers. We utilize freight trailers for door-to-door moving, giving you the ultimate in flexibility.  This differs from traditional moving companies like full-service movers or truck rental – it’s a better, more affordable way to move.


U-Pack freight shipping options

Why Choose a Freight Trailer for Shipping Your Household Goods?

It’s safe, fast, and a great way to save money moving!

Because you do the loading and unloading, only pay for the space you use, share trailer space with commercial goods, and the trailer travels across the country quickly, you get to enjoy the savings.

How does shipping in a freight trailer work?

  • Get a shipping quote and reserve your move.
  • We bring an empty trailer or moving container to your home (details about the equipment options below).
  • You load your belongings inside.
  • Secure your items using the tie down points located throughout the trailer or Cube.
  • Install the secure divider wall (for trailer moves)
  • Place your lock on the container (for ReloCube moves and trailer moves with a lockable divider wall).
  • Call the local service center to have the loaded equipment picked up.
  • Track your shipment as it travels across the country.
  • Schedule delivery with the destination service center.

It’s also important to note that yours is the only household goods shipment in the trailer. The remaining space is used to move commercial goods, such as boxed electronics, clothing, etc. These items are unloaded at the local service center before your shipment is delivered. Your belongings are not transferred or unloaded – they stay behind the bulkhead wall until you unload at the destination.

U-Pack Freight Shipping Equipment

As we mentioned earlier, U-Pack offers two equipment options shipping your household goods:

Externally, the trailer is 28’ x 8’ x 9’ (lwh). You can use as little as 5 linear feet or as much as the full trailer – just pay for the space you use. It’s a great option for any size move. Read more about Trailer Size and Trailer Parking.

Externally, the ReloCube is 6’ x 7’ x 8’ (lwh). You can reserve as many Cubes as you think you need, and only pay for the ones you use. It’s a great option for small moves or when parking is an issue. Read more about ReloCube Size and ReloCube Parking.

How long will it take my item to be shipped?

Thanks to an efficient system of service centers located throughout the U.S., companies like U-Pack – where your belongings are moved via freight shipping – are a very quick way to move long distance. U-Pack transit times average just 2-5 business days within the continental United States. If you’re moving off-shore, you can expect shipments to Hawaii to take around 7-10 business days, shipments to Alaska to take around 5-7 business days to arrive in Anchorage. Shipments to Canada average 5-7 business days, and shipments to Puerto Rico take around 7-11 business days.

To take a look at the estimated transit time for your move, get a free quote online. If you need it there faster, or you need to know the exact day of arrival, add U-Pack Guaranteed to your move.

What are the shipping rates?

You can easily determine your shipping rate by getting an online quote or calling a helpful moving consultant at 800-413-4799.

Freight Shipping Options for New Commercial Goods

While U-Pack is a great option for moving used household goods, if you need to ship new boxed or crated items (whether to a residence or business to business), ABF Freight℠ is a great solution. They provide regional and cross-country LTL shipping services with award-winning quality. Commercial shipments just need to be crated or palletized, and then ABF Freight will deliver right to your location. Their trailers are some of the newest, best-maintained on the road, with a three-year tractor replacement cycle. And if safety is a concern, ABF Freight is the only six-time winner of the ATA’s Excellence in Claims and Loss Prevention Award. For a quote, visit abfs.com.  

Freight Shipping for Your Household Goods

If you’re looking for an affordable solution for moving your household goods across the country, get a quote from U-Pack and see how going the freight shipping route can save you money. If you have questions about how it works, leave a comment or give us a call at 800-413-4799. We look forward to helping!

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