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First Night in a New House

February 27th, 2015 - 2:16 PM

What to Pack for the First Night in a New Home

While you’re packing for your move, take time to consider the unpacking. When you arrive at your new place, there are a few things to set up such as your bed and coffee pot that will make your new house feel like home. If you make a plan for how you’ll pack those things, it’ll be easier to find the essentials and get settled in. We’ve laid out a game plan to help you have a successful first night in your new house.

What to do the first night in your new house

Pack a Suitcase

It's best to pack your clothing, medication, and toiletries in a suitcase. Since you’ll be traveling while U-Pack moves your belongings, this suitcase serves a dual purpose: for travel and for the first few days at your new home. We recommend packing a few extra days’ worth of clothing in your suitcases in case you don’t unload or unpack your wardrobe boxes right away. If you’re starting a new job right after moving, pack the clothes for your first day at work in your suitcases. Instead of trying to find the one box that has your suit in it, you’ll have it ready to go.

It’s a good idea to pack your electronics chargers and some snacks, too. If you have kids or pets, make sure you have their essentials as well. For the kids, pack entertainment and toys along with their clothing and toiletries. And make sure you have a bed, food, toys, treats, and a leash packed for your pets.

Keep Your Essentials Box Handy

We also recommend that you pack an “essentials box” which includes all the things you’ll need right away when unpacking. Load this box last, and unload it first. In this box, pack toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, first aid kit, trash bags, scissors, a small tool kit (for assembling furniture), light bulbs, and household cleaners.

When you unload your essentials box, you can start cleaning your new home, and then begin unloading and unpacking.

Pack a “First Night” Box

Even if you manage to unload everything during your first day at a new house, you may not get it all unpacked. To make your first night simple, pack a “first night” box along with your essentials box (make sure you clearly label it so you can find it!). This box should include things you’ll need that first night, including bedding, a flashlight, window treatments for the bedroom, towels, a shower curtain, an alarm clock, your coffee pot, coffee and cups, and maybe a portable DVD player or your laptop.

Things to Do And Set Up First

Typically, the first thing you’ll do in a new house is clean. Give everything a once-over – trust us, it’s easier with an empty house.

As you unpack, set up your bed first. At the end of that long day of unpacking, you’ll be ready to crash in a comfortable bed. If you’re sensitive to light, you should also hang the window treatments in the bedroom so you have a nice dark space for sleeping.

Another great idea is to set up a break area with snacks, water, and a first aid kit. This gives you a place to take a break in between loads.

Instead of messing with cooking that first night, order pizza or pick up take-out. Moving is hard work – and you probably won’t want to cook that first night. Plus, take-out will come with utensils and paper products, so you don’t have to find and unpack those.

How to Spend the First Night in a New House

Make a memory! Now’s the time to laugh as you have to eat your dinner sitting on the floor of the dining room, since the table is still on the moving trailer. Or if you just sleep on a mattress on the floor (because you haven’t yet set up your bed). Your first night in a new house is the start of a new journey. Unpacking is a process, and it’s likely you’ll have half-empty boxes hanging around for a while. Enjoy this time together by playing a board game, watching a movie, or just making plans for this new life in this new home.

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