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Father's Day Crafts

June 6th, 2013 - 2:41 PM

Craft Ideas for Father’s Day

If your dad is anything like mine, he would hate the typical gifts of a tie or a coffee mug. Why give a boring gift when you can make a special homemade gift for Father’s Day? Whether you’e helping a toddler create the perfect gift, or a teen or adult child looking to make something for your Dad, these are some of the best Father’s Day crafts.

Father’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

If you have a little one, you can help them create the perfect gift for Dad with some paint and handprints. Dad is sure to love any of these gifts!

You can create a set of monster or animal handprints for dad like these from Lolly Jane.


Kids handprint art for Father's Day gift
Or how about a simple canvas? This tutorial from Hello Bee couldn’t be easier.


DIY handprint art for DAD

I also really like this beautiful tree painting from A Little Tipsy.  You could let multiple children make one piece of art for Dad! There is a tutorial included in that post as well.


Father's Day Craft: Handprint tree
Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Once kids get a little older, they can easily make crafts for dad that are a little more involved.  Kids that can use scissors can create a beautiful framed hand art for Dad.  This is a fun way to capture your family in craft form for Father’s Day. There are simple directions at Tres French Hens.


Hand Print Father's Day Craft
If your father golfs, these golf club protectors from Alpha Mom are perfect! You can use the mismatched socks left from the laundry, and add a few special touches to make these fun gifts. 


Father's Day DIY Golf Craft
You can create something for Dad’s desk with a photo pencil cup.  There are easy directions at Chiquita Moms showing you how you can make this Father’s Day craft at home.


Father's Day Craft: DIY Pencil Holder
Father’s Day Crafts for Teens and Adults

When you think of “crafts” for Dad, you might imagine clay keychains and scribbled art, and those aren’t exactly what you want to give if you are older. But if you are a teen or an adult, you can still create a homemade gift for Father’s Day that he will love.

I adore the idea of Chili in a Jar from Celebrations.com for Dad. Using your favorite chili recipe, you can make him a meal he will love!


Chili in a Jar for Father's Day
If your father is King of the Grill, he would love a grill kit.  Just take a basket and fill it with sauces, spices, skewers, and a manly apron, like this one from Mom on Time Out.  This one is a basket for a teacher, but you get the idea.   


Father's Day Grill Kit
With all these ideas for Father’s Day crafts, I hope you find one that your dad will love. We would love to see pictures of the crafts you make for Father’s Day, so please tweet us (@UPackMoving) or post it to our Facebook page