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Easy Christmas Decorations

December 3rd, 2013 - 10:42 AM

Decorate for Christmas with these Fun, Easy, Cheap Ideas

Nothing makes a new house feel more like “home” than sparkling lights and beautiful, hand-crafted Christmas decorations. Try out some of these easy (and cheap) Christmas decoration ideas and turn your home into a gorgeous winter wonderland.

Ornaments Make Beautiful Christmas Décor

If you have more ornaments than will fit on your tree (or if you pick some up from a nearby dollar store), you have an easy, low-cost Christmas decoration! They look great inside glass containers. You can vary the colors, or stick to a color palette, like this one in silver and red. Take a tip from Dandelions and Dust Bunnies and “cheat” by filling the container with items like a toilet paper roll so you don’t need as many ornaments. No one will know!


Place ornaments in a glass container for low-cost Christmas decor.

Another fun and simple way to decorate for Christmas with ornaments is to hang them. Get some ribbon and string the ornaments up. Don’t you love this look from Pikadilly Charm with the ornaments hanging in the window? So chic!


Hang Christmas ornaments from ribbon in front of a window.

For a cute door decoration, forget the wreath and try an ornament hanger instead! Just take ribbon and tie them to ornaments, like this idea from Best DIY Ideas. They covered the ribbon in a little bit of evergreen garland and voila! A cute (and unexpectedly simple) Christmas door hanger.


Create a door hanging with ribbon and Christmas ornaments.

Cheap Holiday Décor using Pinecones

For inexpensive decorations, you can’t beat pinecones. Just take a walk outside and you’re bound to find some on the ground! Or if you don’t live in an area with pine trees (I’m looking at you, Hawaii!), you should be able to find them cheap at your local craft store.

Similar to the ornaments, you can arrange pinecones in a bowl or container for an elegant holiday look. You could even tie a holiday ribbon around the bowl for an added touch. I love the pine cones in a simple wooden bowl from Classic Casual Home.


A wooden bowl filled with pinecones makes beautiful, easy Christmas decor.

For some homemade decorations you could make with the kids, check out these DIY pine cone Christmas trees from Recyclart. Some paint and beads can transform a pine cone into a mini Christmas tree!


Let the kids help decorate a pinecone Christmas tree.

Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas with Candy

Since candy is abundant at Christmastime, why not use it to decorate? A simple peppermint by itself isn’t anything fancy, but a whole bowl of peppermints can be beautiful.

Another great candy decor idea is to glue peppermint sticks to a candle like this one from The FW. It’s easy, affordable, and charming.


Cover a candle with peppermint sticks for a festive decoration.

And look at this… peppermints that double as a Christmas serving tray! This tutorial from Growing in Grace shows you how to do it, step-by-step.


Make a unique Christmas tray out of peppermints.

Easy Christmas Decorations using Glitter

The holidays are more fun with a little sparkle! With some inexpensive glitter, you can create eye-catching Christmas décor. This beautiful striped candle is perfect for Christmas. You can take candles you already have and follow the directions from The Ivy Cottage. It’s so simple (and one of my favorites)! Just cover the candle with double-sided tape, then brush glitter onto the tape. There are unlimited color combinations to go with for the holidays. If you love the neutral look, a white candle with silver glitter would be beautiful. Or you could go with the traditional red and green. Or for a more elaborate look, take a patterned candle (like leopard-print), and add a complimentary color, such as gold. You can create endless styles with this technique.


Glam up a Christmas candle with glitter.

Other fun hand-crafted Christmas decorations you can easily create are glitter figurines. Just take Christmas figurines like snowmen, Santa, or a nativity, and cover them in glitter. Use ones you already have, or buy them from a discount store like these from Fiscally Chic. Aren’t these penguins adorable and festive?! For a more traditional Christmas look, you could use toy deer (think reindeer!). Love it!


Add some sparkle to ordinary Christmas decor with glitter.

My personal glittery favorite: combine glitter with the pinecones for some fabulous Christmas decorations. Wear the Canvas has a simple tutorial you can follow. What I love about these are the combination of glamour and nature – it’s a beautiful way to bring the outdoors inside with a little added sparkle (and really, who doesn’t need more sparkle?!)



There you have it: some great, low-cost ways to decorate your new home for the holidays. If you have more ideas for simple, inexpensive, homemade Christmas decorations, we’d love to see! You can send pictures to social@upack.com, and we might even share them on our Facebook page (giving you the credit, of course!).

Enjoy your new home, and happy decorating!