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DIY Valentine’s Gifts for Him

January 15th, 2018 - 2:31 PM

Men’s homemade Valentine’s Day gifts

Giving a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be difficult. While the old standby gifts of chocolates or a tie will work, a homemade Valentine’s Day gift will show how much you care and really impress the recipient. DIY gifts don’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. In fact, they can actually be cheap to make. Whether you’re making something for your husband, boyfriend, father or just a friend, these men’s Valentine’s gifts will show your love.

Valentine’s Day ideas for him

Create a date night box

A romantic Valentine’s Day gift

Compile your favorite date night essentials into a creative Valentine’s Day gift. This can be as romantic as you want. Maybe set yourselves up for a fancy night out with a gift card to a great restaurant and tickets to a fun event. Or consider a night at home with candy and popcorn, a movie rental and bake-at-home pizza.  

romantic Valentine’s Day gift for him

Cost: $15-100, depending on what you include

Difficulty: easy, most gift certificates and tickets can be purchased online

Build an outdoor fun pack

A great experience gift

Does your guy love being outside? Create a gift that sets you up for a fun day together. If he likes to fish, give him a new lure, snacks and sunscreen. If hiking is more his style, try trail mix, a guidebook of local trails and a new water bottle. Write a note telling him you’d like to spend Valentine’s Day together doing what he loves.

unique Valentine’s day idea for men

Cost: $15-25, depending on the items included

Difficulty: easy

Order a meal delivery kit

A unique Valentine’s Day idea

Cooking dinner together can be really fun! Order a meal delivery service kit and spend the evening in the kitchen together. Meal kits can be ordered online and the recipe and ingredients will be delivered to your door. Check out the different meal delivery services — each one is designed for different budgets and tastes.

meal delivery kits make great valentine day gifts

Cost: $40-60

Difficulty: easy 

Set up a NERF gun war

A great Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend or husband

Surprise your guy with a fun evening. Buy two NERF guns (if you’re unfamiliar, they are toys with foam “darts”), and let the fun begin. We love the set-up from this blog — she was playing theme music and left a note saying “Welcome home. Two things you should know. 1. This gun is yours. 2. I have one, too. You have 7 seconds until you’re under attack.”

Valentine’s day gift for boyfriend or husband

Cost: $20-50, depending on the model you choose

Difficulty: moderate

Create a book with a secret compartment

A great homemade Valentine’s day gift

This creative Valentine’s Day gift gives him a place to hide extra cash or special items. Pick up a book from a thrift shop and follow these directions to hollow out the book and seal the pages. 


homemade Valentine’s gift for men

Cost: $10

Difficulty: moderate

Make a DIY shaving kit

A great men’s Valentine gift

In a jar or basket, gather things your husband or boyfriend can use while shaving. Ideas include: a nice razor, cologne, shaving cream, face scrub, moisturizer and beard oil. If you’re feeling creative, try making your DIY shaving cream or beard oil

men’s Valentine’s Day shaving gift

Cost: $20-50, depending on the items included

Difficulty: moderate

Craft a gift for the five senses

A creative Valentine’s idea

Does being with your Valentine make perfect sense? Then give them a gift for all five senses! Sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Here are some ideas:

  • Sight: sunglasses, tickets to a movie, a picture of you two
  • Smell: a candle, soap, cologne
  • Taste: his favorite candy, coffee, a snack
  • Hearing: a speaker, a music download gift card, headphones
  • Touch: gloves, back massager, a massage certificate
creative Valentine’s gift for him

Cost: $30-50, depending on the items

Difficulty: moderate

Print a coupon book

A cheap Valentine’s Day gift idea

Give him a gift he really wants: control of the remote or a day off chores. We’ve even done the work for this homemade gift with a printable coupon book. If you don’t have a printer, send the file to a local office store that does printing. For less than $1, you can create an awesome gift! Just print this sheet, cut out the coupons and tie a ribbon around them. We recommend printing on cardstock for a nicer presentation.

printable Valentine’s coupons

Cost: $1

Difficulty: easy

Make custom bottle labels

A fun gift for any guy

Take your guy’s favorite drink or sauce and create new labels. At a local office supply store, you can buy print-at-home labels (we’ve seen styles for water bottles, wine bottles, glass bottles and more). This doesn’t require much technical knowledge — the labels should include downloadable templates you can easily customize. Some fun sayings include:

  • “I’ve got a crush on you” (Orange Crush soda)
  • “Soda you want to be my Valentine?” (soda bottles)
  • “Yoohoo! I love you!” (Yoohoo chocolate drinks)
  • “I adore all you dew” (Mountain Dew)
  • “You’re AWesome” (A & W Root Beer)
  • “Water you waiting for? Be Mine!” (water bottles)
  • “Burning love” (hot sauce)
soda bottle Valentine’s gift

Cost: $15-20

Difficulty: moderate

Cover something in love notes

A Valentine’s Day craft

This is the easiest and cheapest gift, but it can make a big impact! Take a stack of sticky notes and write sweet sayings on them. You could just write things like “I love you,” “You make me laugh,” and “I love your smile.”  Or write inside jokes, movie quotes, song lyrics or fun memories. Cover something with the notes like the bathroom mirror (bonus points if it’s in the shape of a heart like this example), his desk, the driver’s seat in his car — anything goes.

Valentine’s Day craft for adults

Cost: $3

Difficulty: easy

Share your homemade Valentine’s gifts with us

What idea are you planning on doing for your guy on February 14? We would love to see your DIY creations — share them on our Facebook page. If you have any questions about these gift ideas, leave us a comment. We’re happy to help.