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Dawn's Family Move: a U-Pack Moving Experience

July 25th, 2011 - 2:26 PM

There are a few posts on the U-Pack blog that offer tips to make family moving a little easier— how to travel with pets, books about moving for the kids, etc.  While we hope those topics are helpful, we think it would be even better if our readers could see a real family move in action.

That's where Dawn Meehan of the "Because I Said So" blog comes in: Dawn and her smiling brood were relocating from Illinois to Florida and needed a reliable moving company to help streamline the process. U-Pack was more than happy to help Dawn get her family moving the 1,200+ miles to their new home in exchange for a video blog that would show others what it's really like to coordinate a move!

Check out the clip below to see how Dawn's family move went, then leave a comment to tell us what you think!