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Campus Moving - The Hassle-Free Guide to Changing Dorms

August 31st, 2011 - 9:29 AM

So you haven't quite transitioned into the "real world" where life is supposed to get harder?  Living under university policy is no cake walk either, is it?  At any given moment your roommate can change.  You can get kicked out by a "maintenance order".  Maybe you suddenly realize you absolutely hate living with your best friend from high school, and another campus moving day is going to collide with midterms!  At virtually every stopping point in the school year, you risk being re-assigned to a completely different campus high-rise for countless unexplainable reasons. 

Dear college student— as you know quite well— you are already living in the "real world."   So what can you do to ease the brunt of these major inconveniences?  Below we have compiled a list of helpful hints that can make campus moving a fun, seamless experience that won't break your bank or give you a migraine.  After all, college is supposed to be the time of your life.  Don't let the bureaucracy taint your experience whatsoever!

  • Parking lots near dorms are never fun to maneuver!  Campus moving day should be quick and easy.  Don't rent a humongous moving truck and expect to be able to tiptoe in and out.  Try getting a quick quote from U-Pack® and check on options you have in parking lots near your dorm.  The ReloCube® can be delivered in no time, and it fits into a standard parking spot.
  • Travel light!  You are a college student.  Do you really need two futons?  Your parents will happily allow you to store just about anything at their place.  Take advantage of this!
  • Avoid peak times like before and after lunch or during a ball game.  If you are a night owl, consider doing the bulk of your move after midnight.  Nobody is using the stairs/elevators, the weather might be more agreeable, and you won't find yourself saying "excuse me" every ten seconds.
  • Ask your resident advisors if the school has a campus moving department that may offer help moving across campus.  If nothing else, you may be able to check-out a moving cart, dolly, or box cutter.  There may also be a box exchange program somewhere on the campus that will help get your old and new room organized.
  • Let people know where you're going.  Most likely you will have to file a change of address with the post office as well as the campus records office.  Don't forget to knock on your friends' doors before you check out to let them know they're welcome to come visit your new place.  You can even send them a moving e-card.

Have fun!