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Best Places to Play Pokemon Go

July 20th, 2016 - 9:14 AM

What is “Pokémon Go”?

One of the fastest gaming trends to sweep the country, and even the world, is “Pokémon Go.” It's a phone application location-based game where the goal is to catch Pokémon (“pocket monsters” in Japanese). Released in July 2016, the game is sparking nostalgia in all who grew up playing the original card game, which debuted in 1996. Even those who aren't hardcore gamers are downloading it because it encourages you to go for walks, explore your neighborhood and sightsee as you play. Most players get out and explore to maximize their play within the game.

In the game, Pokémon can appear anywhere. But in order to catch them, you’ll need supplies like Pokeballs (which you get at Pokestops). As you play, you'll notice Pokestops at landmarks like murals, sculptures, historic buildings, gathering places, shopping malls, churches and colleges. Some of the most popular sites within the game are called gyms. These are areas where different teams can battle for possession and are usually spots with high foot traffic.

If you've just moved to a new place,  use Pokémon Go to get out and explore your new hometown! It's also a great way to meet others in your area - you'll find lots of fellow gamers at local Pokestops and gyms. Whether you've recently moved to a bigger city or just want to take a trip to a great gaming location, here are 10 of the best places to play “Pokémon Go.”

best places to play Pokemon Go

Best Places to Play “Pokémon Go”​

In no particular order, here are 10 awesome places where you can "catch them all!"

  1. San Diego, CA – This coastal city is a great place to play. Hit the Pacific Beach area where there are more than 20 Pokestops on Garnet Ave alone. There are several Pokestops and gyms in Balboa Park, where you can view gardens, visit museums, and even take in a musical performance. Make your way to Coronado Bay where there have been reports of rare water Pokémon. The local universities are also popular locations, so don't miss San Diego State or University of California, San Diego. 


San Diego Pokemon Go
  1. New York City, NY – Since “Pokémon Go” hinges on cultural areas, you might imagine that The Big Apple would be a great place to play. There are so many iconic locations you're going to want to have a phone charger on hand to keep up with the fun. You can sightsee just about anywhere as you play! In Central Park, there are tons places to visit on foot or you can rent a bike to get to the Pokestops in record time. Times Square is hopping with players, just be sure to put your phone down as you cross the busy streets! In Bryant Park, there's a very popular gym that changes ownership several times each day. Stay nearby and fight for your team to keep control!
  2. Anaheim, CA – Pokémon trainers will love exploring Anaheim. From the convention center (which is rumored to have some of the larger Pokémon hanging around), to Downtown, this town is bustling with activity. Even the iconic Disney properties are fair game. That's right – you can combine your love for the Happiest Place on Earth with your new favorite game!
  3. Saint Louis, MO – The Gateway to the West is booming with Pokémon activity. The Saint Louis Zoo alone has more than 70 Pokestops! You can easily find them all by the train, and the best part? The zoo has free entry, so you can visit as often as you like! If you're looking for a little more excitement, take a trip to Six Flags, where there are 4 gyms and 20 Pokestops. 
  4. Ames, IA – You may not imagine this Midwest city to be a great place to play “Pokémon Go,” but it's home to Iowa State University, which is a top spot for the game. Like many college campuses, there are historic buildings, statues, libraries and other areas that make for popular Pokestops. With more than 10 gyms on campus, you can get a lot of play as you walk around.
    Iowa State University Pokemon Go
  5. Rome, GA – Continuing with the college campus trend, Rome is home to Berry College, which is the largest college campus in the country coming in at 27,000 acres. That's 27,000 acres of Pokémon hunting grounds! But the hotspots are not limited to the college. Just outside of city hall are classical statues of Romulus and Remus – beautiful art and popular Pokestops. There are also plenty of bonuses for players around town. The Partridge is offering free dessert to those who have caught a Snorlax and First Methodist Church is offering players water and a free charging station. 
  6. Los Angeles, CA – You can explore just about every part of L.A. and find Pokémon. Downtown is teeming with Pokestops so make sure you hit up some of the most popular restaurants to refuel yourself and your Pokeball supply. Visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to battle for control of the gym and view Pokémon along with beautiful works of art. Take a stroll down the Santa Monica Pier, which is a great spot for water Pokémon and rare nocturnal Pokémon as you stroll after dark. Finally, don't miss the Barnsdall Art Park which has tons of Pokestops and a gym. 
  7. Miami, FL – Start at the Florida International University Campus, where there are four Pokestops that overlap. You can stand in one spot and visit all 4! If you're new to Miami, you may hear about the amazing Christmas display at Tropical Park, but it's busier now with players than at Christmas. Forget Santa, everyone is here to catch Pokémon! The Wynwood neighborhood has lots of Pokestops and is great for walking around and incubating eggs.  


Miami Pokemon Go
  1. Boston, MA – Beantown is packed with so many historic sites, you'll have to remind yourself to look up from your phone to enjoy the scenery. Historic churches, fire stations, the Boston Common, Davis Square and other attractions are all bustling with Pokestops and gyms – You’ll even spot Pokémon on the T. Visit Boston Harbor to look for elusive water Pokémon. 
  2. Austin, TX – The downtown and central areas of Austin are filled with Pokestops. Take in some history at the Texas State Capitol and take advantage of the more than 20 Pokestops and one gym in the area. Stroll down South Congress where you can walk and incubate eggs and visit the gyms and Pokestops along the way. At the Arboretum, you can do your shopping and stock up on Pokeballs - win, win!

Planning to visit any of these great places to play “Pokémon Go”? Is your town a hidden gem for the game? We'd love to hear about it! Leave us a comment below and tell us where you play.