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Are there websites with reviews on moving companies?

July 2nd, 2012 - 2:19 PM

I love using online reviews, and I have a feeling I’m not alone. What people have to say about products and services I’m planning on purchasing has a huge impact on my decision to take the plunge. If we’re traveling, I always look up reviews for hotels and restaurants in the area. If I decide to get a haircut at a new salon, I never walk in the door without searching for reviews – who wants to walk out with a horrendous style. Since moving scams are very common and I would hate to hand over all of my belongings and things I worked hard for, just to have a shady mover take advantage of me, it makes sense that I would also look for websites with reviews on moving companies BEFORE I move.

If you’re also a fan of online reviews, here is a helpful list for websites with reviews on moving companies.

Movingscam.com -  When searching for moving company reviews, I would first check out Moving Scam. The site was started years ago by a man who was scammed by a mover. He created this site for real customers to talk about their experiences with moving companies. It’s a great place to see if the company you’re inquiring about is a scam, or a real company. Along with information on scams, they also have reviews of moving companies from customers. I think you’ll find it a super helpful resource for getting the reviews on moving companies that you need.

Epinions.com- Epinions is a site dedicated to helping people “make informed buying decisions.” The site allows customers to review products and services by giving in-depth reviews and evaluations. This means you can read what real customers think of the moving companies they used. When you get to Epinions, click on “Home and Garden” and then find “Moving Companies.”  U-Pack® is proud to have a 4.5 star rating on epinions.com! 

Better Business Bureau- bbb.org –The Better Business Bureau seeks to advance marketplace trust by creating  community of trustworthy businesses and setting standards for integrity and performance.  Once you get to the site, click “USA site” and then “Check out a business or charity.” Then just type in the business name. The BBB posts whether any claims have been filed against the business. Also, the Better Business Bureau rates businesses on an A to F scale.  It is helpful to see how this organization rates the business you want to work with. U-Pack has a A+ rating with the Arkansas BBB (Arkansas is where we’re based out of)! 

Of course, these aren’t the only ones, you can also search places like Technorati to see if anyone has blogged about a company in their personal blog. We’ve also seen reviews in sites like Kudzu.com and Yelp.com.

When you check out the websites with reviews on moving companies, you’ll see that U-Pack has great reviews! If you want to be one of U-Pack’s satisfied customers, start with a free moving quote! You’ll find out how you can move with U-Pack affordably! Call or click today – 800-413-4799.