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U-Pack Moving Quick Facts

How U-Pack Works

  • U-Pack arranges the delivery of a moving trailer or moving container to your location.
  • You load your belongings.
  • U-Pack arranges delivery to your destination.
  • You unload and move in.
  • U-Pack prices are based on the linear footage your shipment occupies inside the moving trailer or the number of ReloCubes you use.
  • There are no "extra" charges for fuel, taxes, tolls, or standard liability coverage.
  • No down payment is required. Simply reserve with a credit card -- it isn't charged until after your shipment is loaded and you know how much space you've used.

Boxes and Moving Supplies

The U-Pack Box Store offers a variety of moving supplies, including a broad selection of moving boxes—with free shipping to your door. And when you order moving supplies in conjunction with a U-Pack reservation, you qualify for special offers as well!