Top Moving Trends from 2008

Moving by the numbers

As a nationwide moving service, U-Pack sees firsthand every day where people are moving to and from. Aside from being fascinating information, migration patterns can tell you a lot. The U-Pack 2008 moving trend report shows some interesting findings about where people moved to and from that year.

Some findings:

  • The largest percentage of out-of-state moves came from New Jersey, and states in the Rust Belt (New York, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania) had significant outbound activity
  • Southern states continued to see a higher influx of interstate moves, particularly North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas
  • Southern cities topped the list, with spots in Texas and the Carolinas being hot spots
  • While people trended out of the Northeast, some cities showed great migration, including Miami, FL; Detroit, MI; and San Bernardino, CA

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