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Moving equipment: What do the pros use?

Professional moving companies use a lot of different types of moving equipment.

Professional moving companies use a lot of different types of moving equipment.

We're all familiar with boxes and bubble wrap, but what are some of the bigger bits {pieces?} of equipment moving companies use to get your stuff from point A to point B?

The first thing most movers will bring out is a dolly. No, it's not a manlier version of a Cabbage Patch Kid. A dolly is a cart on which movers will load heavier boxes to make them easier to transport from your home to their truck. Dollies come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, but the most common is a two-wheel dolly, which movers can quickly slide under smaller boxes, tilt backwards and wheel off down the driveway. For larger, more awkward boxes and pieces of furniture, movers may use a flat dolly with swivel wheels to help it maneuver around corners.

Moving trucks are an iconic part of American culture, and, to many, represent new beginnings and a sense of optimism. To others, it's just a truck. Whatever your view, it's where all your boxes are going after you've finished packing them up. Trucks typically come in lengths of 12, 16, 22 and 26 feet, with each size being ideal for a different amount of gear. The larger the move, the larger the truck you'll need to hire or rent.

Some companies also offer the option of loading belongings into moving containers. These containers are typically delivered to a home and left for the homeowner to load at his or her own pace. Once full, movers will return, pick up the container, load it onto a flatbed truck and haul it off to the new home. Many homeowners choose this option because it allows them the convenience of packing at their own pace. The containers are weatherproof and can be locked for added security.

Whether you're loading your stuff into a truck or a moving container, you'll want to get some furniture pads. Essentially large, heavy-duty blankets, professional movers use these pads to protect furniture - especially exposed wood furniture - from scratches that might occur during the move. They are typically wrapped around furniture, and can be secured with either bungee cords or cargo straps. They can also serve as cushioning for spaces between furniture and boxes to help prevent jostling during long trips. Some movers will further secure items in the back of a truck or moving container by using cargo nets to cover large areas.