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Moving equipment: Tools to help you unpack

Getting trash bags will help you clean up your move more easily.

Getting trash bags will help you clean up your move more easily.

Once you have completed the task of moving all of your boxes to your new home, you will need some specific tools to help you make the most of your unpacking process.

Box cutters are recommended when you unpack, as it will make opening your items much easier. With using packing tape on many of the boxes you will have your moving company transport, it is important to cut these safely. Box cutters work so well because the blade will cut through the tape with little issue. In addition, this method is far safer than using kitchen knives or other items not designed to do the job.

When using this tool, make sure that too much pressure is not put on the box with the blade. Because of how sharp a box cutter is, there is a chance you could push too hard and actually damage items on the inside. For boxes with blankets and other soft items, you should be especially aware of this risk.

Be mindful of the trash that is produced when moving in. You likely used a large amount of plastic or bubble wrap to keep your items safe and secure in the boxes. Removing it haphazardly will cause a large mess in every room, so having trash bags to easily get rid of everything will keep your move organized and less cluttered.

A notepad may also be a good idea to help you keep your belongings organized. You can plan out your rooms before the move, which will streamline the process. By marking the boxes and keeping track of everything with your notepad, you will know exactly where everything needs to be, which can get rid of guesswork that makes the process longer and more stressful.