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Cost of Moving: Energy efficiency saves money

LED bulbs may save the most money in the long-run.

LED bulbs may save the most money in the long-run.

While you may be looking for ways to save money with your moving company, there may be some long-term savings available through energy-efficient practices when you move into your new home. While you won't get your money back immediately, you can see sizable savings over an extended period of time.

Looking for ways to maximize energy efficiency could start with lightbulbs. Consumer Reports noted that you should take all of your old light bulbs and switch them with light-emitting diode bulbs. These types actually work more efficiently than compact fluorescent lightbulbs, as the former uses 75 percent less energy.

The savings is significant for LEDs, even though the bulbs could set you back between $25 to $60, each, the report noted. However, keep in mind that you will save $130 per bulb for the cheapest option over its lifetime, which lasts 23 years. CFLs cost typically $1.25 to $18, but these save approximately $60 during their lifetime.

LEDs may help if you are a bit impatient, as they switch on at full brightness instantly. This can be important for many, especially homes with small children or elderly individuals. CFL types take a bit longer to warm up to full brightness.

Light bulbs can go a long way to cutting down on energy costs in your home, but you should take other measures, as well. Grabbing door draft stoppers can cost between $10 to $20 and could help retain cold or hot air in the home. Also, equipping your bathroom with a low-flow showerhead will prevent water being wasted, as well as drive your bills much lower.