Disclaimer: Trailer storage is temporarily unavailable due to limited capacity. ReloCube storage is still available in most locations.

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Looking for Portable Storage? Add Storage to Your U-Pack Move!

U-Pack provides affordable moving and storage services in our ReloCube moving containers. Just load your belongings inside and lock the equipment — we’ll pick it up and store it at a secure service center until you’re ready for delivery. There’s no need to unload everything into a temporary storage facility, only to load it up again and drive it to your destination.

How Moving and Storage Works with U-Pack

  • We deliver the ReloCube(s) to your home
  • You load your belongings
  • We pick up the equipment and store it until you’re ready
  • You schedule a delivery date, and we bring your items
  • You unload, and we pick up the empty equipment

Both short- and long-term storage are available in most U-Pack service areas. A moving consultant can help you decide whether you need storage at origin, in transit or at destination.

Learn more about adding storage to your U-Pack move.

Compare to Other Portable Storage Companies

When you’re choosing a portable storage company for a long-distance move, you’ll find that things like timing, storage options and cost are unique to each one. Use these resources to learn how each company works, and how they compare to U-Pack moving storage:

While you’re going over the options, here are some important things to consider:

Locations and Service Area

Most portable storage companies offer service throughout the U.S., but in some cases only to and from larger metro areas. For example, while U-Haul has locations in most cities, U-Box containers may not be available everywhere. U-Pack services multiple locations in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Container Construction

Most of the containers are made of metal; however U-Box and SMARTBOX containers are made of wood and topped with a covering.

Payment Options

Most companies require a deposit or down payment before the equipment arrives. Others separate the cost into payments along the way. U-Pack does not require a down payment or deposit. Reserve with a credit card and pay after your equipment is loaded.


If you’re unsure how many portable storage units you’ll need, choose a company that offers flexibility. U-Pack allows you to pay only for the ReloCube containers you use, no matter how many you reserve. Most other companies charge a fee for returning an unused container.  

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With U-Pack portable storage, you get equipment that’s easy to load and unload, an extensive service area, and highly acclaimed customer service. It’s everything you expect from a portable storage solution — all for an affordable rate. Get a quote to see how much it costs or check out this portable storage cost comparison to see what goes into the price.


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